Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes We Can!

WE HAD the race that stopped the nation. And we had the Election that stopped the world.Now it’s time for the important stuff, Sydney FC beating Wellington on Friday night.

Will Kossie offer the team change they can believe in?Wellington Phoenix are a peculiar beast. Most of the Australian football fraternity appears apathetic towards their cause.

Some have suggested that there should not be a team from New Zealand in our comp. It’s stopping young Australian players from getting a position in a team, they cry!

I tend not to get involved with that xenophobic stuff. I just want to see good football and competitive games.

The problem with playing New Zealand sporting teams is that they assume the underdog status straight away. Due to their small population, they deserve that tag but it produces performances where they punch above their weight.Which is something that Australian sporting teams are known for.

Also the Kiwis hate us more than we hate them, something that amuses Australians.We barely notice our friends across the ditch, save for the fact that we steal their more successful folk and anoint them as Aussies when it suits us.

They are forever obsessed with that under arm delivery thrown by Trevor Chappell back in the day.

You can hear the Phoenix supporters group, Yellow Fever, always chanting “ same old Aussies always cheating” at least four or five times a game.

Some scars will always remain.

Anger is a gift.

Below are lyrics from my favorite Clash song.“Let fury have the hour, anger can be powerD'you know that you can use it?”Well anger should be there in spades. The shameful capitulation against Wellington last year when we where beaten at home.

The loss to Wellington away earlier in the season and snatching a draw from the jaws of victory when up 3-0 against the Central Coast last week should give the boys enough motivation to give these Kiwis a football lesson.

Alas this is Sydney FC, and thing aren’t so simple.

I expect our defence to be shored with the return of Tony Popovic Ian Fyfe and Robbie Middleby.I am savouring the prospect of watching our attack play some nice football. Shooter McFlynn has been outstanding; Mark Bridge has stopped labouring around the box with ineffective turns and is starting to finish plays more clinically.

So do you think we can beat these Kiwis or will Wellington Phoenix with their weird customs and odd speak cause an upset?

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