Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Arnold Effect kills player form

The Arnold Effect describes the situation that occurs when a player has been coached by Graham Arnold and then resumes playing with his club. Depending on how long the player has been coached by Arnold, they will usually take double or triple the amount of time to recover.

What the player will have to recover are things like confidence, fitness, playing skill, football intelligence, and the love for the game.

After this week’s round in the A-League, many of the Olyroos seem still be suffering from the Arnold effect.

Jade North in typical Arnold Effect, was responsible directly for three of the goals scored in the 5-0 loss to Melbourne.

Nikolai Topor Stanley
Scored an own goal and continuously scuffed passes and crosses. It looks like being brought on as a striker against the Ivory Coast in the last 10 minutes has confused poor Hyphen.

Stuart Musialik
Being the most talented player in the squad, Musialik was a shock inclusion in the side as skill and talent is not normally a pre-requisite to being picked in an Arnold squad. He was sent off against the Cental Coast in his first game back. Hopefully the Arnold Effect has not planted any permanent seeds

Archie Thomson
In the opposite of the Arnold Effect, Archie scored on the weekend and set up some goals. Some players suffer from the Arnold Effect whilst only in direct contact with the coaching techniques, as opposed to the common post-traumatic stress symptoms other players are going through at the moment.

The best way to rid oneself of this debilitating condition is to be de-Arnold. This means staying away from the Arnold causing agents.

Time heals all wounds.

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