Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Time To Pretend, Sydney Sux

I HAVE been trying to rid myself of Litost this week. Litost is a Czech word and it translates to a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery.

It’s the sudden sight of a 2-0 Sydney FC loss to Adelaide United and waving goodbye to our position in the Top Four that has led me into this nadir.

The first goal conceded from a header off a free kick specialist who is not so special, and the second a school boy error by Buuuuusch having his clearance rebounding back into his own net by a fast moving Travis Dodd, with no warning to Buuuuusch from his team mates.

The build up to the game against Adelaide was all about Adelaide being tired from their Asian Champions League sojourn; the experts were saying that Sydney FC was to meet them at the best possible time; Adelaide had played 100 games in 100 days - they were supposed to be tired.

Well what a load of bollocks; you may as well have a go at predicting the volatility of the stock market, or figuring out post-climate change weather patterns we are experiencing at the moment.

Kossie’s biggest cheerleader, a man who has the horn for Australian Football coaches that borders on the clinical, produced a magic stat in the SMH on Monday. Sydney has the highest percentage of completed passes, 79 percent in fact; there is nothing like an obscure magic stat to make everyone forget reality for a little bit.

What about this stat?

Sydney FC has the highest percentage of fans that are pissed off with how the team is playing, 100 percent.I don’t have the answers to Sydney’s problems, but I don’t like what the SMH said on Monday.

First Kossie

John Kosmina later described it as “one of the team's better performances in recent weeks”. I’ve seen delirious Kossie before but he is stretching the truth here, just a bit.
And then magic stat man

“Whether some fans, or even some players, like it or not, Kosmina is here to stay, for at least a couple of seasons. It's a matter of getting on with it.”Excuse me. Football coaches have less life expectancy than a butterfly so what does the magic stat man know?Queensland have figured out that they have some good young players and they used them and won on the weekend. Our Youth team is undefeated - can I offer the Sydney coach a clue perhaps?

Who is Butcher?

Terry Butcher famously coached Sydney FC in season 2. Famous for his short training sessions and Lowes tight cut track suits, he is now assistant coach of Scotland, proving once again that no matter how crap of a player or coach you are, if you were any good for even a little bit once, there is always a sucker somewhere that will give you a job.Butcher was telling anyone that would listen in the build up to the game that he wouldn’t shake Maradona’s hand because he was still upset about the Hand of God goal in '86.So last Wednesday night in Hampden Park, Scotland at the after-match press conference, Argentina had just beaten Scotland 1-0; the Argentina coach Maradona was asked why he didn’t shake Terry Butcher's hand.Maradona gives his response in Spanish and his interpreter translates: “After the match, I went up to the Scotland manager and I shook his hand...Who is Butcher?"Butcher=arse, Maradona=class.

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