Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sydney FC fans lead the A-League League

While Melbourne Victory leads the A-League by two points over Sydney FC at the moment, it is the Sydney FC supporter groups that lead the league by a long way when it comes to self–regulation, especially with the way the fans reacted to a flare being lit during the Newcastle Jets game played last Saturday evening.

Sydney FC management left a message of thanks on the Sydney FC Cove supporters’ website

David Mason (General Manager Football and Operations) said on Tuesday: “Within the FFA and Hyundai A-League the behaviour and self regulation of The Cove is used as an example for other fan groups and this is yet another illustration of that. Not only do you offer the team unrivaled support (especially on the road) but you are also helping us to uphold the good behavior we are striving to have at Sydney FC games”.

The message also stated that there was also praise after the game by security and Newcastle Jets management and pleasingly the FFA. This is quite a contrast with what has transpired during the first few rounds of the A-League where it seemed the relationship with some fans, security and the FFA hasn’t always worked in harmony.

A couple of incidents in the first few rounds where some Sydney FC fans say they where wrongly evicted in the round three game against Perth Glory after the FFA “tightened” security after a crowd incident occurred moments before the first round game against Melbourne Victory.

A query by some Sydney FC fans to the FFA as to why no security was deployed at the front of the home supporters entrance, specifically where the SCC supporters group where standing before the crowd trouble started by Melbourne Victory supporters was not fully explained.

Now that the first-round incident is in the past a positive football fan story like this one will not air as first run news at 6pm on Monday on commercial networks but it goes to show that when it come to supporting the league and respecting the spirit of the game by following it with passion and intelligence Sydney FC lead the League by a long way.

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