Saturday, January 10, 2009

Will The Grass Be Greener Out West? Jan 9 2009

IT'S BEEN a vewy vewy quiet on the Sydney FC front this week. So much so that I ventured out of my Blog headquarters to a rock show for some Swedish punk, some half hearted moshing and some tasty kebabs.

At the rock show I spotted a couple of friends we joked that Sydney FC is going so bad at the moment that if a new Western Sydney team joins the A-League we would be switching allegiances.

It got me thinking, how many current disgruntled Sydney FC fans will be switching their allegiances in the future?Are you going to be one of those fans? Will I be one of those fans? Will the grass be greener on the West Side?

It’s like being in a relationship that has been going stale. Sure things were great at the start; in fact the first year together was very successful.Everything was new and interesting with trips overseas and people interested in what you were doing.But after four years the performance on the field haven’t been as good as the first year; communication has stopped and everyone is blaming everyone else.

You even get some new people around you to try and liven things up. Now things are almost rock bottom, sometimes you can’t even look at the replays.So suddenly the Western Sydney Pitch looks very green, and very playable.Some people might find the notion of switching sides akin to treason or treachery.

What if the Western Sydney team started doing things differently to what Sydney FC have been doing?
Things like:
• Really forging links with the Sydney community? Like for real, not pretend.
Free entry for all kids under 16 who play football at school or who are registered at a local club in Sydney
• Free Parking
• Quality Marquee players that stay for more than one year.
• Players spending more time in local private and public schools.
• Running free coaching clinics for underprivileged children
.• Providing free tickets to the thousands of volunteers that give their services to football (within means of course, we can’t just give everything away.)
• Free Parking
• Free Public Transport with game ticket.
• Half Time entertainment

Would a better run club make you switch allegiances even if are not a westie?Lucas Neil has been spotted in Dubai this week hanging out with Zeljko Kalac at an AC Milan stretching session. Would Lucas Neil’s soul patch (the hair under his lower lip) inspire you to follow his club?

In Sydney there are many old NSL fans that are still disgruntled about the “old soccer” tag. I know that many of these people, that while they may not go to games and they may not follow Sydney FC as a fan of the club they still follow the A-League and Football in general.It will be interesting to see what happens.

While the Sydney sporting market is fickle I wonder who will stay loyal; who will fly west and how many newbie’s will join in.


I will begrudgingly attend this week’s match against the Nix even though I have already announced our season as over with three games left. If Sydney FC can go against all past recent form, logic and reasoning; and win those last three and Wellington lose two out of the next three, and Queensland lose three out of the next four, Sydney have a chance.If that happens I promise you that when you look out of you office window on that Monday morning there will be pigs with replica Sydney FC jerseys and scarves flying in a V-formation, snorting and oinking “I’m Sydney till I die.”

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