Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sydney FC Blog: Have A Pie, It's On Me


I was standing on the balcony of the Sky Blue Business Lounge eating a meat pie and drinking beer thinking to myself: How cool is this?

Then Matt Thomson scores it’s 3-0 and that’s my buzz killed...

The Party

Here I am celebrating my brother’s imminent marriage to the woman of his dreams with a view of the pitch that is fit for a king, what better way for Phillip to bid farewell to single life than to be amongst family and friends and have a bucks party in the prawn sandwich section of Sydney Football Stadium?

It was all going to script (except it’s now 3-0) even though James Venn the corporate sales manager would have preferred that the organiser of this doo my brother George had told him it was bucks instead of attending the game under the guise of this being a corporate shin dig.

The thing is George kept true to the story that we were here under the name of Half-Time Heroes and not as a bucks party because, well, they don’t like bucks parties in the Sky Business Lounge, it’s supposed to be only for the high powered types.

James however was not so easily fooled and once he saw that we were all blokes and Phillip was sporting a Sydney FC jersey with Stamocostas 09 on the back, he started to suspect.

“Is it a business celebration or as some other type of celebration?” James asked.

“Both, but more of a bucks celebration if I was to be honest,” I added pointing at my brother.

“You should have told me,” James said. “I would have chucked you on the other side away from everyone.”

I replied back: “Chill James, look at us? Do we look like we are going to cause trouble?”

Of course, I ask this question sporting one of those ugly unkempt beards were the side burns have grown out in a disproportioned length to the rest of the beard and I’m wearing my season one hat and season one jersey.

James was probably right to be a bit suspicious of us behaving badly as the following story I tell you has been added to the new chapter in my soon to be published memoirs entitled “The Faux Pa Handbook, A guide to surviving the Noughties”

The Pies

At half time these beautiful lamb pies are served and a bunch of us are sitting in the comfy chairs of the Sky Blue business lounge munching away. A stranger approaches the table and takes two pies out of the basket and says I’m taking these.

Now I’ll be honest, in a somewhat sarcastic smart arse tone I say to the stranger “You know there is a lady that comes around and serves them to you” He looks at me and says it’s ok, it’s for my kid.

He leaves and of course we all start talking behind his back saying things like. “That well dressed gentleman was rude”. The consensus around the table was that it was rude behaviour. So we down another beer and we arrive at the consensus again. “How very rude!”

Then right out of my blind spot the gentlemen that took the pies reaches around the table and replaces the pies that he took with brand new ones. “Here you go” he says. Everyone around the table and in the most hypocritical of tones say “No, no don’t worry about it, it doesn’t matter.”

The Bozza

We go head back to our seats just in time for the start of the second half.

Mark Bosnich walks through our section and sits right next to the pie thief, now the pie replacer, who now has the moral high ground position all alone.

So for most of the second half, I concede that with my earlier indignant response to what was only a couple of lamb pies(albeit very nice and tasty meat pies), I have now thrown away the chance to get an interview with Mark Bosnich.

I mean I insulted the great man's friend.

So finally with not long left in the game I do get the courage and give Mark a hand written note with a request to interview him one day.

I hope anyway, I bet that pie thief tells him I was one rude bastard who wanted to keep all the pies for himself!

The Game

And my thoughts on the actual game: Vitezslav Lavicka has been outcoached in each of three losses the Bling has suffered recently.

Mad Miron, Dave Mitchell and Branko “Batman” Culina have all out-thought and out-strategised the highly credentialed Euro-boss.

Simon “my Melbourne Heart is still in Sydney” Colosimo has been one of the obvious culprits. He has gone for the killer tackle or killer ball too many times and it has cost Sydney goals. His inner midfield has come out at the worst time.

Recent calls by some football pundits that this squad is the best Sydney team ever and possible World Cup call ups for messieurs Colosimo and Brosque have been far off the mark.

Remember the A-League and remember your limits, and don’t get upset about the pies!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We're Shit And So Are You!

THE TRUTH can be brutal they say. They also say the truth can set you free. Me, I like it when the truth is funny.


And the following quote by Newcastle Jets coach Branko Culina after narrowly losing to the World Cup bound Wellington Phoenix is comedy gold: "We are only a finals team because all the teams around us are pretty shit as well,"

Not only is that quote hella funny and brutally honest but far from setting anything or anyone free, it could cost Branko Culina 10 large. Branko has already stated in a previous infamous press conference that he is only on “50 bucks or whatever it is” so perhaps some of those Jets fans could pass the bucket around.

After each Branko outburst I think to myself does he suffer from “esprit d'escalier”? It’s a French phrase meaning the wit of the staircase. The wit of the staircase refers to the perfect witty response you think up after the conversation or argument is ended. The answer you cannot make, the pattern you cannot complete till afterwards it suddenly comes to you when it is too late. Like when you walk down the stairs or up the stairs after the conversation or argument has ended. Your mind suddenly goes “I should have said that instead!”

I suffer from the wit of the stair case. I have a staircase full of polished jokes, kick ass pick up lines and hook line and sinker rebuttals. But alas on that staircase they remain never to be used at the most opportune time only to come to me as I walk away.

Branko perhaps should leave some of his wit on the staircase. But should he? The Jets coach was only making the same point I made in my blog a couple of weeks back where I  said “rather than being a selling point, the fact that any team can beat any other team on any given day is making the A League predictably unpredictable”

It’s the same message except, I did not say it as eloquently as Branko did.

With some of the on field action leaving a lot to be desired it’s the press conference where most of the quality football action is happening. But not for long it seems.

The FFA has a bad case of the “control freaks “about them this season. Gagging coaches left right and centre, then absurdly suspending my favourite albino footballer Bass Van Der Brink for four games. What was Powder’s crime?  Man handling the referee inappropriately. Van Den Brink only touched the referees arm for less than a second while debating a penalty decision.

Michael Jackson would not have stood a chance if the FFA match review panel administered the recently departed gloved one’s court cases.

Half Time Heroes Issue 4 is online now!  Featuring some of Australia’s best independent football writers with stories on: The Socceroos, A League, Cartoons, Comedy, Satire, La Liga & an Aussie Gringo @ Boca, plus loads more.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Kreas (meathead) Of The A-League

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DURING the days of old soccer when the smell of souvlaki would waft around Belmore Oval and teenagers girls would spend 90 mins doing happy laps looking for future husbands, there was a word that was often used to describe the hard man archetype football player. That word was simply “kreas”; it’s the Greek word for flesh or meat.

Think of when the commentator says "That was a meaty challenge..."
You were only called kreas if you were lacking in any football skill, talent or intelligence. The English call this type of player the hard man. Simon Hill famously described the Central Coast Mariners as a team with too many bouncers and not enough DJ's.

The term kreas can also be linked to calling someone a meat head as well. So lacking in any football skill talent or intelligence the kreas only attribute is the ability to take out chunks of the opponents flesh through their so called hard challenges.

Australia has a proud history of kreas football players.

Kevin Muscat is a true kreas. Having the ability to throw stray elbows and stamp on players while they are on the ground and getting away with getting sent off in full view of referees is a talent in itself. While the Fox Sports commentary team suggested that elbowing your opponent in the head is fine as long as it looks like your jumping as well as elbowing. After all Matt Simon made the mistake of jumping with his arms to the side. He basically sent Muscat an invitation to the elbow ball.

Other famous kreas are Ross Aloisi, The Dodd brothers and Paul Wade.

Devoid of any real skill the kreas's job is to neutralise the most creative and influential member of the opposition.
So my laboured introduction comes to the meat of my story. Steve Pantelidis kreas effort on Steve Corica during the Gold Coast -Sydney FC game on Saturday night halted the blings promising start and gave the white shoe brigade an unfair kreas advantage. Kevin Muscat would have been proud seeing one of his former protégés continue on with his good work.

As a Sydney FC fan I think the evenness of this league is very frustrating. Rather than being a selling point, the fact that any team can beat any other team on any given day is making the A League predictably unpredictable.

So the kreas Pantelidis did get some of his own medicine back during the game and I'm sure some other Sydney players got his number. So pencil in the date Sunday January 17 when the two biggest egos of the A-League will meat again at the SFS.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Money is a Fake Muse

I don’t regularly agree with Melbourne Victory supporters but after reading Neil Zimmerman’s blog: Does Anyone Care about Success over Crisis? I found myself nodding in agreement.
Referring to the Gold Coast Circus Neil asked: “Is a club in crisis much more exciting to talk about?
Unfortunately the answer is yes. People prefer watching a house burn down rather than getting a hose and helping put it out. Look at all those flames so red and tall.
Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory are playing some of the most entertaining and exciting football seen in the A League for years.
Instead of getting excited about that, the main news of the moment is the Gold Coast debacle.
The FFA should get out of the Gold Coast. The lesson from all those failed Rugby League and AFL ventures has not been learnt.
It will take many years before any team on the gold Coast is accepted. It’s not because no-one likes football, it’s just that the market is saturated. Rugby League and AFL should be left to fight it out and Football should re-evaluate.Perhaps they should start in the B league and try and grow slowly from there.
The awful mixture of politics and sport is undoing all the good work that the football folks have put in. The subtext of this debacle is that most of the posturing from the professor is due to political grievances with the Queensland Labour Party and Premier Anna Bligh
The other aspect that could be putting prospective fans off is that Clive Palmer has made all his dollars from Mining.
He finds an area to exploit takes what he needs and then moves onto to the next hole. Taking out the earth’s finite natural resources is not going to endear you to one Australia biggest hippie population bases.
The fire twirling, white guy singing blues songs and bongo playing at every party demographic are not going to buy into your Football dream.
Money is a fake muse!!!
The rich billionaire owners now raiding Europe’s top clubs are business minded folks. They are hoping to buy and sell like 80’s movie characters. There are no messiah’s in football except for the true fan and the child that is practising keepy ups until the sun goes down, oblivious to his/her limitations that they will never reach ten.
Jason Culina should be on the phone to his agent asking for a January transfer. “Clive Palmer wrecked my World Cup Dream”. That is the headline Jason and his talent does not deserve.  The enjoyment Jason had in his face for the first month has gone. It has for almost every Gold Coast player except for Michael Thwaite who wears a permanent Andrew Gaze type smile on his face so I can’t tell with him.
Anyway Sydney FC amassed 26 points from 21 games last season. This season the Bling has 25 points from just 13 games. Mark Bridge is living up to his potential and a youngster like Mate Dugandzic is getting me off the coach every time he touches the ball.
But who wants to read those stories when a Billionaire’s house is burning.
Look at those flames so red.............

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sydney Fc Blog: Highs And Lows

WITH the halfway mark of the season approaching, Con gives a mid-term report card on Sydney's spluttering squad.

Clint Bolton (GK) Rating: 7/10.
The High: Clint has had one of his best seasons in recent memory. As long as he remains clean shaven and does not to any more interviews with Anthony Lapaglia he will be fine. His injury time penalty save against the Central Coast Mariners in round three at Gosford is the high so far.
The Low: Against Adelaide United Bootsa dived to his right in that all too familiar slow motion action and saved the ball onto the post and into the net.

Shannon Cole (RB) Rating 6/10
The High: The game against Melbourne Victory in round 10 showed Shannon at his most fearless. A surge down the right resulted in the delivery of the most perfect text book cross.  The cross was so good that not even a pre-mediated air swing by Mark Bridge would have resulted in him not connecting with that ball.
The Low: Shannon has been guilty of giving away too much cheap possession, his crosses at times haven't been all that accurate and his free kicks have not been as dangerous. Let's not even mention the defending. If I was a commentator I would say Shannon is a confidence player.

Sung Hwan Byun (LB) Rating 6/10
Highs: Round Four against Wellington Phoenix when Sydney won 2-0 was the South Korean's best game. He made my A League team of the week.
Lows: I often hear groans and cursing akin to those of a sea hardened sailor every time Byun loses a ball or crosses poorlyIt's what you get when you are an import.

Simon Colosimo (CB) Rating 8/10
Highs: It's been a season of highs for Simon and being moved to defence was one of them. Playing consecutive games and being given an unofficial captain role has seen his Socceroos prospect lift. But unless he moves to a European or Asian side and stays on the bench he has no chance of making it to South Africa. (That Joke was brought to by all the benchwarmers overseas; represent!!!!)
Lows: God damn you nature with all your God damn rules about positive and negative and the balance of all things. Having a great season could be see Simon paid big dollars to move to the Melbourne Heart next year. nooooooooooooo

Stephan Keller CB Rating 6/10
Highs: That's the ball you see flying high above the midfield and into the keeper's arms or out of play for a goal kick. Decent defender all jokes aside.
Lows: No-one believes me when I say he looks like a young Homer Simpson and talks like a dodgy Swiss banker.

Sebastian Ryall (CB/RB) Rating 7/10
Highs: Has left his off-field controversy behind him and fitted in " just like a glove" (Jim Carey voice from  Ace Ventura Pet detective) into Sydney's defence.
Lows: Was not booed as much as I though upon his return to Melbourne when they played there in round 10.

Karol Kisel: (RM/CM.LM) Rating 6/10
Highs: Karol showed that his best position is right midfield. A great goal against Brisbane last week should see the mullet stay on the right.
Lows: All those missed and scuffed long rage shots was getting the natives restless. A goal makes all the bad stuff go away. The mullet brings some eastern European culture into the Sydney FC dressing home. Business at the front party at the back!!!

Terry McFlynn (CM) Rating 7/10
Highs: Terry's header against the Mariners in round nine for the 1-0 win was the high light so far and it was the first sign of the blossoming midfield partnership between himself and Disco Stu.
 Lows: I would like to see a bit more of that creativity unleashed. Tezza does posses an array of flicks, through balls, chip shots and long range bombs that he hides.

Stuart Musialik Rating 7/10
Highs: Disco Stu has been patient after being frozen out of the first team. His appearance against the Jets in round 7 were he set up his ex Jets team Mate Bridge showed why he needs to play every game.
Lows: Unfulfilled potential. Disco Stu has more skills than most. He will either stay where he is or go to the next step.

Kofi Danning (RW/LW) Rating 6/10
Highs: Kofi exploded during the first two games of the season.  His first round goal against the Fury was sublime.
Lows: However since then almost a pathological desire to build up every up and coming kid who scores a couple of goals perhaps has placed an awfully large amount of pressure on the kids shoulders

Steve Corica (CAM) Rating 6/10
Highs: Papou Corica still has it. Bimby is still classy and is the most creative player in the side. His absence from the team is felt the most.
Lows: Not as influential in terms of goals or assists.

Mark Bridge (CF) Rating 7/10
Highs: Is starting to step up and score some goals. The double against Melbourne in round 10 and the screamer against the Jets in round 7 have been his most memorable offerings so far.
Lows: Too many air swings and ineffective flicks and turns.

Alex Brosque (CF/LW) Rating 6/10
Highs: His work rate and willingness to work has improved. His partnership with Bridge is starting to blossom.
Lows: I think the confidence thing with Brosque is an issue. He needs to be more selfish and let out the crazy a bit more.  If he could funnel his crazy/ruthless side when he is in good shooting positions it might help.

John Aloisi (CF) Rating 6/10
Highs: Makes the hard goals look easy (First round against the Fury)
Lows: Makes the easy chances look hard (every other chance he misses)
Check out some of Australia's best independent football writers at: - Issue 3 online now!
Link to 442 website

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gold Coast United are an embarrassment to the A-League

Gold Coast United are an embarrassment one moment and the headline act in the theatre of the absurd the next. None more so than the antics of the ubiquitous owner Clive Palmer.
Before season five began, I wrote a pre-season preview on each A League club. With players to look out for and a light hearted prediction. Let’s rewind the tape.
“I predict Miron Bleiberg to be sacked after four games because of the poor form shown by the side in only scoring two goals per game not three. I expect to see Professor Palmer in pure Roman Abramovich-style, giving half time speeches while a bemused Paul Okon looks on.”
Last week that happened.
During the half time break, the Fox Sports camera’s showed Clive Palmer at half time in the Gold Coast dressing room.
A case of life imitating absurdity.
What’s more bemusing is that Clive Palmer has tried to cap the crowds at 5,000 so the Gold Coast don’t have to pay transport costs if more than 5,000 attend a home match.
No wonder the White Shoe Brigade don’t go to any games. In a first for football anywhere in the world, the owner doesn’t want the crowd to support his team.
Recently, I spoke with well-known surfing journalist and magazine editor Jimmy O’Keefe, who was actually born and raised in the area. Jimmy offered some fascinating insights into the Gold Coast market.
Me: What are your thoughts on having an A League team on the Gold Coast?
Jimmy O’Keefe: “Tops. I think there’s potential for it to really blossom”.
Me: Why do you reckon the crowds are so low?
JOK: “It’s because Gold Coast is full of Visigoth-type bogans with bad tatts, and the only sports that seem to flourish in this cultural vacuum are burnouts in low-rider utes and rugby league”.
Me: Does the Gold Coast have the potential to be a football town?
JOK: “Certainly, it’s one of the biggest cities in the country. I think the place has had trouble as far as fan bases go because over the last two decades AFL and Rugby League consortiums have come and gone about five times. There’s also a huge transient population there, no affiliations to any teams”.
Me: What needs to be done to get bigger crowds? How would you engage the community so fans can watch the game on TV or attend?
JOK: “When it comes to families, let them know that it’s an alternative to whatever else is going on. That it’s a day out, people would jump at it. They just need to know that when it comes to singles, I think push it as a great place for women to go (unlike league) and a great afternoon to catch up with friends for a drink. Kind of like a Sunday session.
“I think marketing wise, it’s kind of strange place in that it’s a radio town, and people do a lot of driving or listen to the radio at work. And they seriously get into all the ‘Morning Crew’ and ‘Black Thunder’ sort of stuff. Sadly, they are indeed an effective way to mobilise Gold Coasters”. (The Gold Coast Titans signed Mat Rogers and gave his girlfriend a job on local radio.)
So there you have some free market research.
I am embarrassed to watch some of the Gold Coast matches. I think the FFA should have chosen a team in Canberra or Wollongong.
Those towns have football history and easily would have had greater crowds.
I also think the club would have used the word “Community”, rather than words like “three Jets”; “second richest”; and “undefeated”, in the way it sold the club to the local folks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RIP Paul Williams

On a sad note. Paul Williams host of Football Fever with Damian Lovelock on 2KY and ex commentator on SBS during the 90's has passed away on the weekend.

I grew up on Paul Williams football journalism on SBS in the 90's.

I am saddened by his passing and would like to say he was one of the good ones.

A honest and hard working football apostle his attitude and love for the game was catching.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sydney FC 442 Blog:Bring On The Culture Wars:

ROUND Ten of the A League has been set up beautifully for the culture wars between Sydney and Melbourne to resume.

Have you heard that Joke about the difference between Sydney people and Melbourne people?
"At least Sydney people know that they are pretentious wankers."

With the stink of the League and AFL season slowly wafting away, the end of those sports seasons feels like the loud, oversized, annoying bullies have left the school yard and finally we can all play football again.
Sydney FC were good value for the win 1-0 against the Fisherman last week. I was particularly impressed by Disco Stu and Terry McFlynn - they combined well for the only goal of the game.  The midfield is still a work in progress.

Karol Kisel and Steve Corica have not been as influential in terms of scoring goals and setting up teammates but they both have been working hard. Kisel has shown frustration at his missed chances and one of them is bound to go in. It has to right?

The bad news for the sky blues is that Carlos Hernandez is playing for Melbourne and not flying off to play for Costa Rica in World Cup qualification games in the Americas. This leaves both teams at virtually full strength and in some reasonable form.

Sydney FC's attacking triumvirate of Mark Bridge (2) Alex Brosque (0) and Steve Corica (2) have scored a total of 4 goals between them; in comparison the Melbourne trio of Archie Thomson (4), Carlos Hernandez (4) and Fabiano (1) have scored nine goals so far this season.

It's not hard to determine Sydney need to stop Archie and Carlos.

I think the work of Terry McFlynn and Dico Stu (pictured) will be important. The backline is solid if unspectacular.

The odd surge from Simon Colosimo who is in superb form and forays down the wings by the fullbacks will help generate momentum and power that has been missing for parts of the first nine rounds.
I must give a special mention to Simon Colosimo - he has been on fire this year. Colosimo for Australia Pim!
I also saw some excellent examples of fan culture in the Cove last week as well. Since the demise of the SCC, the Cove has been going off. A schoolboy who goes by the name of Rigga has started his own grass roots movement in trying to get more folks to the game.

"I'm pretty much trying to get the whole school involved with SFC by making facebook events at school, invites, and just word of mouth. It seems to be building up week in week out, and I'm trying to talk to my headmaster to make Shannon Cole in the school hall of fame!" said Rigga on the Sydney FC forum.
"As he was an old boy (St Patricks college Strathfield), and a coach to a few of us."
Nice work Rigga the Cove has been in fine voice and in synch with some new chants. The youth give energy and can teach a few old heads how it's done.

C'mon Sydney. lets show these Tards that we can play football just as well as being pretentious wankers!
442 link

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A League Round 9 Review: Sydney FC Go back Top Again

Round Nine of the A League has an outright leader after Sydney FC beat the Central Coast Mariners 1-0 in the battle of the Gown vs Town.

Finally after eight and a half rounds of  A League football the shadow of the rockmelon-ball codes gently lifted above the SFS and allowed football some room to breath.
The result by Sydney FC now means that next weeks game against it’s biggest nemesis the Melbourne Victory pits one verses two. It is the marketers dream. Both teams have yet to face each other so far. Both teams are coming off a win.  The Victory should have it’s biggest crowd of the year in the A League biggest game of the year.

Round nine also saw the return of the crowds after a market type panic filled the net and column inches of football media  for two months. Good crowds in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney were refreshing to see. Having an atmosphere at the football is needed to disguise the fact that during games their are large moments of dullness.
The viewers at home and in the stands need to be entertained by the antics of the crowd. Like wise footballers can only perform at their optimum when thousands of people dressed in the same clothes as them are shouting encouragement or discouraging words at them. High wages and a privileged position in society is just not enough.

The Brisbane Roar bad boys Charlie Miller and Danny Tiatto  tried to remind recent Victory addition Robbie Kruse of the great times they spent together in Brisbane with elbows and shoves and as a consequence of this tough love could make  Miller (2 games) and Tiatto (1 games) miss a game or two.
Tiatto is facing a one match ban after the former Manchester City hacker gave a “friendly” salute to the  Saturday Night Melbourne Victory Crowd after a succession of boos being booed.  Who new a hard man like Tiatto had feelings.
Gold Coast United seem to bothered by not having many fans. The white shoe brigade have lost their early season mojo.  Could the players be also bothered by the crazy coach and the very rich outspoken owner? Who says that the A League doesn’t compare to Europe? The Wellington Phoenix looked good for the  0-0 draw against the Gold Coast on Friday Night. The New Zealand group in the side must surely have one eye on the up-coming Wold Cup play-off with Bahrain.

Adelaide United’s enigmatic left back Cassio scored a sweet volley in the second half against the Newcastle Jets to secure a 1-1 draw.  Jets keeper Ben Kennedy saved a Travis Dodd penalty for once he didn’t give it away and Mat Thomson missed one for the Jets this time he missed again, the Jets captain missed a penalty against Sydney FC a couple of rounds ago.

Import Watch: Bad news for Brisbane Roar attacker Henrique the slippery fish has injured his knee and will be out for a couple of months.
A League Socceroo Watch: Gold Coast United’s Jason Culina has gone quiet in the last few rounds; by his lofty standards anyway. If you keep on doing everyone else’s job you will eventually burn out. Gold Coast team  looks good on paper but the side keeps on being reshuffled due to Mad Miron and mad red cards by players.
Hot Spot: The  crowds are back  and so is the atmosphere thank god.
Odd Spot: The Socceroos are playing two friendlies and there is no international break.
Quotes of the Week: Ex Brisbane Roar player and current Melbourne Victory recruit speaking after the 2-1 win over his old team where he was given some harsh reminders. At the after- match  press conference Roar coach Frank Farina said Kruse had sent some inflammatory text messages to his former team-mates in the lead-up to the encounter.
“I guess they were just trying to fire me up or get me rattled, but it didn’t work. We played excellent on the night and we deserved the three points.
“It doesn’t really bother me. We won that’s all that counts.”
Goal Of the Week: Adelaide United's Cassio scored a goal  that was a timely reminder of all the puns that can be used when the stockily built Brazilian scores screamers.
Banner of the week: Gold Coast United Banner “Beautiful One Game, Perfect the Next”
Call of the Week: Fox Sports Commentator Simon Hill when seeing the Gold Coast banner: “I’m not sure about that one more like; “Wobbly one week, off colour the next”
Team of The Week: GK:Bolton (SYD), LB:Traore (GCU) CB:Colosimo(SYD), CB:Keller(SYD), RB:Kemp(MELB), LM:Bertos(WELL), CM:Musalik(SYD), CM:MCFLYNN(SYD), RM:Song(NEWC), FW:Thomson(MELB), FW: Fabiano(MELB)
Hyundai A-League 2009/10 League Table
Sydney FC
Melbourne Victory
Gold Coast United
Perth Glory
Central Coast Mariners
Brisbane Roar
Adelaide United
Wellington Phoenix
Newcastle Jets
North Queensland Fury

Hyundai A-League 2009/10 – Leading Goal-Scorers
9 – Shane SMELTZ
–Robbie FOWLER, Carlos HERNANDEZ, Branko JELIC, Archie THOMPSON, Sergio VAN DIJK
Round 10 Predictions:
ROUND 10 Predictions
Fri 9 Oct 2009
Melbourne Victory 1 v 2 Sydney FC
Etihad Stadium
Fri 9 Oct 2009
Perth Glory 2 v 1 Adelaide United
ME Bank Stadium
Sun 11 Oct 2009
Central Coast Mariners 2 v 1 North Queensland Fury
Bluetongue Stadium
Sun 11 Oct 2009
Brisbane Roar 1 v 2 Gold Coast United
Suncorp Stadium