Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Only Have Ourselves To Blame

HEY Sydney! We only have ourselves to blame.I blame those that sang the victory songs early. We were up 3-0 and clowns are already singing "We are top of the league” and “Melbourne scum, are you watching?”

Have these people not been to a football match before?

Especially Football games in Australia. While the experts harp on about Australian football players having the best mentality in the world, if you know your Australian Football history, you will know that we can’t defend leads for shit.

There is no need to give a list of Australian football failures. Losing the 2-0 lead against Iran in 1997 at the MCG should be a lesson that all football fans should heed.It’s not the Australian way to sit back and try and hold the lead. We always want to go forward.

We just aren’t that good as closing games down, Italian style. Against the Central Coast, it was going so well. Sasho Petrovski was booked for diving sending the cove into delirium.

Three world class goals, three huge beer showers in The Cove, our biggest crowd of the season and all seemed right in the world.

While Sydney FC didn’t have full control of the game with Sydney keeper 'Crazy' Ivan Nesevski making some crucial saves, even the most pessimistic fan would not have thought the Coast would come back.

Since most football fans are addicted to finding blame after a loss. Who should we blame?

Do you point the finger at Stuart Musialik for missing an open goal from 3 yards when we were up 3-0? Yes.

Do you have a go at our defence for giving the Mariners too much space? Yes.

Do you vent at Kossie for not having a defender on the bench, and not going to a more defensive formation when we started conceding goals? Yes.

Do you get stuck into the whole team because collectively they score and they concede as a team? Yes.

Are you pissed at The Cove, because some members got a bit too cocky too early? Yes.

So you are all to blame then.

You can also blame the Football Gods as well. They blessed us for 56 mins and then cursed us for the remainder of the game. Hubris is a bitch!

Who do you blame and what would have you done? Let us know.

Stop Comparing

Football commentators love to compare. In fact I would say they are addicted to comparing and it is driving me insane. The comparisons at best are vague and obscure and most of the time the commentators are clutching at straws
The Asian Zidane, (an Oman player).,The Rory Delap of the A-League (Mark Milligan), Mini Vinnie (Carl Valeri).

These people have their own names.It would do you well to remember their names rather than throw crap comparisons. And then have that stick forever. Would any one like to be called the Rory Delap of the A-League?

What do you think - have any commentators compared your favourite player unfavourably?

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