Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Red Under The Bed Dec 12 2008

ALL HAIL our new rich Russian master and new overlord of Sydney FC David Traktovenko. We the fans welcome you into our midst and promise to sing your name rather badly.

So it’s official, after all the speculation, for once the hype was to be believed as this week Russian David Traktovenko and so-called health care mogul Paul Ramsay teamed up to take 70 percent ownership of Sydney FC after this season finishes.

I am sure the owners realise they are taking over a club with high expectations of success and a fan support that has seen the likes of Dwight Yorke, Benito Carbone, Juninho and Kazu grace the Sydney Football Stadium surface. I’m sure the crowd would welcome more superstars and less David Zdrillic and Bobby Petta.

John Kosmina and the Stefan Kamasz board will also be feeling the pressure as they were Frank Lowy appointments; getting a new boss means they will have to be on their best behaviour.

The best revenge is successIt is said a man who desires revenge should dig two graves. I’m sure It is has never followed a football team before. Revenge is the currency that football fans live on.

Last time Sydney FC played Central Coast Mariners, the score was 3-3. Sydney blew a 3-0 lead, missed out on top spot and I almost got into a punch up with a Sydney fan because he thought the seat he was attempting to break was responsible for the team's loss of concentration.

Sydney FC have announced the same squad as last week so I expect a bad performance in the first half followed; by a famous Kossie rev up at half time, with a young kid to score off the bench. Anyone see a pattern forming here? I have a feeling Shannon Cole is due some sort of free kick moment.
What can you expect from the Mariners? Well this season they have been shipping goals like e-bay ships orders to people who order stuff. The main weapon the Mariners have is boredom. They bore teams to death with their grinding in your face pressing game. However they have three strikers who could sneak a goal at any time.

This week we began with a Russian take-over - let's finish the week off on Saturday night by beating the Mariners and giving them a Russian hangover.

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