Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Dec 1 2008

THE VIBE felt bad from the start. The lowest Sydney FC crowd ever, storm warnings flashed across the wire, grey clouds hung around like a bad smell.

The small but enthusiastic SCC was waving funny looking pale blue flags, the Cove’s mood felt sombre and once QLD Roar scored, it felt like a cold sword into the Sydney belly, or even a rusty dagger into the heart was about to strike.

Sydney looked sharp for the first 10 mins with some nice moves but eventually Queensland Roar scored first with Michael Zullo and Tahj Minniecon tearing up the wings, swapping sides and taking turns to terrorise Shannon Cole who I must say does not look comfortable defending. He should be moved into a more attacking position.

1-0 at half time and the Cove and the rest of 8,000 or so fans serenaded the team as they left the field with a chorus of boos.

Mr Kosmina used the same chorus of boos to fire up his players: “Let’s stick it up them” he shouted; how dare they boo my boys?!!

Sydney did come out “fired up” in the second half but only for a bit. Against the run of play Middleby sent in a nice cross for Steve Corica to shin in a goal. In the end Sydney could have won the game with a bit of luck.

So 1-1 the full time score with that horrible feeling of indifference; no joy, no sadness.

I fear the team is lacking harmony, confidence and playing ability so I call for a Revolution, but this time without the dead Russians. Half-time gee ups are not enough; teams know what to do to repel our play. Sydney is one paced and it’s slow, slow, slow baby.

You could hear during the game chants of “Kossie out”, if the rumours are true that a rich Russian is on the prowl to buy the club off Frank Lowy, then the “mate’s culture’ at Sydney FC could disappear replaced by another “mate’s culture”. Bring it on I say, the less stability the better, if you’re not going to entertain me on the field then at least entertain me off it.

I would love to see a rich Russian owner dash to the dressing at half-time after an insipid first half performance and through his Russian translator tell John Aloisi “You! Man who is always crying, you must shoot, you are always trying to win argument, less talk, more shoot!”

Then to Mark Bridge: “What is this turning and looking and holding and keeping the ball, then turning and looking, this is not ballet, pass and move and more shoot!”

More Kofi Please
There was a National Youth League Game played before the A-league where Sydney Youth left winger Kofi Danning was impressive yet again (as was most of the team). Kofi is in the AIS so for some games he flies up from Canberra the day before the game. It’s a crime this kid has not been given a run in the first team yet. He is quick, skilful, explosive but invisible to the first team coaching staff.

Modern football is played in one form or another with counter attacks, players being able to move quickly from defence to attacking positions. We just haven’t got the cattle; our players are too slow; in the head, in the heart, and the running part as well.

Wasting talent is such a waste. What do we want? Youth, damn it!So I call for a Youth

Revolution and end to the waste.

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