Friday, January 23, 2009

Thumbs Down, Sydney

BOOOOO is the cry of the unsatisfied, the angry, and the unimpressed. It’s been the common noise at Sydney FC home matches this year.

This year will be the forgotten year, like Wednesday or past Australian Idol winners.

It is the year that will make you appreciate Sydney’s first championship more, while Melbourne, Adelaide, Queensland and most probably Central Coast will be playing in the final series.

Sydney’s omission for the first time is going is to give me some mad hunger pains causing me to watch the Sydney grand final DVD and the Sydney vs LA Galaxy DVD. It was a time when Robbie Middleby didn’t get bashed after a game; those were the days I hummed.

The cold comfort being dished up by the Club and Coach, that this was the season we had to have, makes me want to boo more. Paul Keating said something like that about a recession in 90s and looked what happened to him. We could be reading in the near future: “It was the sacking we had to have.”

If you ask the paying members and other fans of Sydney FC who gave up dates with real girls, guaranteed good time parties, blow your mind never to forget concerts, tea parties, book clubs, gym sessions, beach frolicking, Meat and Vegetarian BBQs and practising beat boxing so they could be at Sydney FC games they would not like to be told: “Sorry we were crap, it was the season we had to have!"

Excuses are for employees who have had enough of their boring mind-numbing jobs and haven’t handed in the December sales report yet. There are no excuses in football, those that win sing, the loser sings but it’s hard to hear over the whimpering.

The Final GameDuring the last three years of the A-League, two of Sydney’s final home games of the regular season have been epic.

Season 1: Sydney beat Adelaide 2-1 crowd of over thirty thousand. Sydney qualifies second. Dwight Yorke, Band Wagoners and a full Cove, will the first year ever be topped?.

Season 2: Queensland Roar and Sydney FC draw 1-1. Sydney sneak into fourth over Queensland. Another 30 thousand-plus crowd. Kossie makes Terry Butcher look successful.

Season 3: Sydney draw with Melbourne 2-2 crowd of over thirty thousand Sydney qualifies 3rd. Sydney blow a 1-0 then 2-1 lead and failed to win the Premiership decider.

The football fan that has had a losing season usually finds comfort in nostalgia. They will have a favourite movie that they might watch a few times.

But when it comes to football the playing of a famous victory video/DVD/YouTube/ over and over again can make the dark and lonely final series less nights bearable.

So boooo to you Sydney, I have to take off my manic depressive fan hat and put on my indifferent neutral viewer hat with only entertainment and goals from opposition teams to whet my football thirst.

Are you so vain as to deliver a season of undelivered promises and unfulfilled expectations then lock me in a world of suffering that only nostalgia brings and then yell “that this the season I had to have”?


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