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And A Dwight Yorke In A Bling Tree Dec 19 2008

SINCE football is the world’s most organised religion, I think it is apt we give thanks for all the love it has shown us during the year; and we mustn’t also forget those football-less souls which have gone without this year.

It’s easy to take the football in our lives for granted but sometimes you have to think of all those poor football starved kiddies around the world.

There are parents in some parts of the world like Australia and the USA where kids are cruelly subjected to sports like swimming, netball and weird sports that are played with a rockmelon shaped ball and odd sticks.

To commemorate this special holiday season I have written a football Carol.

The Twelve Days of the A-League

On the Twelftieth day of the A-League The Sydney sent to me
Twelve gun youth players
Eleven first team shit heads except for,
Ten on the back of Stevie Stevie Corica
Nine Sydney ladies dancingEight maids a singing -
Sydney till I die
Seven swans a – swimming?
Six players attacking
Five Cove beer showers
Four seasons and counting......
Three sacked coaches
Two points deducted
And a Dwight Yorke in a bling tree
Euro snobs
My second favourite team is Aston Villa. Notice I said second team? I’m talking to you, euro snobs.
As A-league fans you are aware of the phenomenon of the euro snob. The euro snob will watch a Barcelona – Madrid match and then complain that the A-league is crap by comparison.
Well, part of the problem is that they are right, but why must some people insist on always being the smartest person in the room?

I liken it to music. Sure there are bands from the US and the UK that are louder, more talented and have better songs; maybe they draw bigger crowds, use better equipment, have better sound engineers etc etc but you know what?Like the A-League, I get to see Australian bands whenever I want, and cheaper than those from overseas, I get to heckle from less than a yard away, I get to even speak to them sometimes, share a beer and a story or two and they really appreciate my appreciation.

Also I don’t understand why fans don’t turn up when the team is playing badly or not winning.

Sydney has only won two games out of the last 9; perhaps more people should let out there inner masochist, sure things as joy, pleasure and ecstasy can be found in the stands when the team is winning and playing well, but for the sake of balance, I’m sure a bit of humiliation and pain wouldn’t go astray.

Preview, Shmeview
For the blog that I write for the end of the week, I’m supposed to preview the upcoming game against Perth Glory on Sunday but the only preview I have is my fear of Nikita Rukavytsya tearing the Sydney defence a new one.

I’m also still rattled by the sight of John Aloisi gesturing to the back of his shirt with his thumbs after scoring a penalty at the second attempt against the Mariners last week.

How lamo was that?

Should I say let’s hope Sydney FC can give their fans an early Xmas present at the Sydney Football stadium against Perth Glory on Sunday? Yes.

Do I believe Perth will be that generous? No.

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