Saturday, January 10, 2009

Excuses 101

EXCUSE 101: We lost because they bored us to death. That’s what I would have said at the press conference if I were coach of Sydney FC.

The reason for our 2-1 capitulation to Wellington is simply put: “Wellington bored our players with their lack of skills and non-existent gameplan.

Our fans got bored as well, causing the chanting and singing to be below par, just like our team's performance”

Sound like an absurd reaction?

What about venting at the media?

From the Fox Sports commentator Simon Hill, to some poor hack from Back of the Net that unfortunately interrupted John Kosmina the Sydney coach in mid answer.

After asking where the hack was from, he responded with "the internet; lunatics who run the asylum", tarring all internet journalists with same brush.
What about putting all the blame on the players?

I rarely hear good coaches blame the players.

The “bored us to death” response above is what I would say if I lost against Wellington.
Obviously it’s an absurd reaction and why I am a Google journalist rather than a coach.Kossie is a self-confessed sore loser. Aren’t we all? Who are these content losers?

Could they be silent Pacifists? Or stony faced Stoics? Keep me away from those people.

Kossie has form with this kind of reaction. He also has form with negative reactions when winning as well. Giving a mouthful to referee Matthew Breeze after a winning a penalty shootout against Melbourne Victory that got him to a grand final when he was coach of Adelaide United.So in Kossie we have a sore loser and a sore winner.

Perfect for a football coach you might say.

I guess Sydney FC have had injuries and suspensions lately affecting team harmony. All teams do and when coaches start bringing out those tired old excuses, I search for my World's Tiniest Violin.

But there is no need for the tissue just yet. We are still in the top 4 but with only 5 points from our last 6 games. If it’s not a crisis then it’s at least a slump.I believe if arguably the worst team in league is beating your team to the ball first then it’s a motivation and hunger issue.

That is the coach's domain. Time to get that Rocky 2 video out, the one with Eye of the Tiger.No need to hide my disgust this week. Melbourne is on top of the ladder. Lucky there is a two week break.

Hopefully Kossie can find his centre and the boys can train hard ready to give it to the Queensland Roar in a couple of weeks time.Regarding John Aloisi; he must love his arse on the grass. He must love the feeling he gets wiggling around on the green turf.

They must have really soft grass at the Sydney Football Stadium. I can’t think of any other reason Aloisi would love spending all his, yours and my good time on it.Also Tony Popovic what can you say; he did a great impersonation of a tired marathon walker when Perth’s Nikita Rukavytsa ripped him a few weeks ago.

He was captain of the club and all that. Best wishes in his pending retirement. And a quiet word about Gary Van Egmond; it’s good to see that we aren’t the only club in the league that has a mentalist as a coach.

I’m sure Kossie is grateful he has a friend to talk to.

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