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Help Dec 22 2008

FINALLY Sydney FC woke from their slumber and managed to put away three goals for the first time since November 1.

First Anthony Golec scored off his thigh and Robbie Middlbey scored a beautiful header. Stuart Musialik capped off the good work by his team-mates to smash a left foot volley from outside the box.

As a Sydney fan, sarcasm is my only weapon of defence, unfortunately the final score was Perth 4-1 and Golec and Middleby both scored own goals.

With Sydney Football Stadium deciding to re-turf the pitch it seemed the credit crunch has trickled down now affecting football pitches all round Australia.

This is only fuelling the conspiracy theory that as soon as the football season starts the groundsman are told to take a few months off.

The Cove tried a new tactic of chanting past coaches and players. David Carney, Mark Rudan, Pierre Littbaski and even Terry Butcher; perhaps hopping the ghost of Christmas past could help somehow. No help from Christmas past instead, humiliation and grief brought about by Perth’s mere presence.

Eventually the Cove settled on “You’re not fit to wear the shirt" and "We’re shit and we know we are”. “What a waste of money” was the loudest of all the chants - it is certainly a Cove favourite - followed by the aahh boooooo or just booooo. Some add the aahh for effect.

Blame Game - Let’s start firing folks.
Aloisi: Firstly got injured while filming the A-League commercial, then was injured some more; then was crap and now has sold crap and has purchased shares in I’m A Joke.

Never been a fan; his best work so far in a Sydney shirt was during Football superstar (an oldie, but a goldie) No tactical acumen or inspired substitutions. Besides yelling stuff from the bench and being entertaining during press conferences, have not seen any influence.
Applause all round for “I am living in a different universe” quotes of the year.Kossie after the 4-1 loss to Perth: "We battered them mainly. I'd hate to see the stats. The first half we could have had three or four even five."
Asked if Glory was a top four side, Kosmina replied, "Not if they play like that.

Sooner or later, someone will give them a hiding."

The Judas group:
Bea Busch, Robbie Middleby, Iain Fyfe and Jacob Timpano (is the other I in Iain really necessary?) are all leaving to other clubs and Clint Bolton should join them. Bolton has a bad case of the dropsies and has had trouble diving lefties and righties all season.

The new guys: Colosimo has been consistent in his injuries. Musialik has been ok but not at his best save for a couple of games, Mark Bridge has been disappointing. Mitchell Prentice has been injured or suspended.

The Board: Responsible for the biggest dud purchase ever, the lowest crowd ever. Allowed the top scorer of the youth league Sean Rooney to go to a rival club and insisted they were not to blame.

The board has promised to engage with the community and look at the results:Relationships are being established with the private schools. We have a close relationship with Knox and Newington, with plans to expand to other private schools.
• The club has signed an agreement with the Ku-Ring-Gai District Soccer Association to provide assistance with workshops/coaching/trials for young aspiring players and an annual match against the association’s senior team. Similar agreements are being discussed with other associations and will be in place in the near future.

The other A-league teams must be quaking in their boots, Private Schools and one District association; way to scour the whole Sydney region for talent.

However after four years, the board has delivered when it came to half time entertainment with a Buddy Holly cover band.

Nice work way to get the kids involved, they love bands from the 50’s they were so groovy Daddy O.

That’s it, nothing to see here - move along.

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