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I'm Not Going Down With The Ship Dec 5 2008

THERE was another twist on the long running saga that is Drama FC this week, with one of Kossie’s best mates, Sydney FC fitness coach Nick Hagicostas seemingly deserting the ship and returning home to Adelaide, while leaving a trial of injured Sydney FC players in his wake.

I first saw Nick Hagicostas on Football Superstar, a show where you can see John Kosmina actually coaching a team to victory. Nick was excellent in the role of the strict disciplinarian always shouting “try harder” and “get stuck into it.

And you will know us by the trail of injured...Simon Colosimo, Mike Enfield, Adam Casey, Jacob Timpano and Brendon Santalab are all out injured. Other Sydney FC players, including retired captain Tony Popovic, Robbie Middleby John Aloisi, Clint Bolton, Ian Fyfe and Alex Brosque have all had time on the injured list. This is some serious strength and conditioning here.

My favorite goodbye quotes are:"
At the end of the day I've had to make a decision which professionally isn't me but I've had to think about the impact on my family.”
"I've lived with Kossie for several months and he's been really understanding of the impact this has been having on my kids.”

So it’s not me, it’s you, it’s Mabo, it’s the vibe and I’m leaving you Kossie, to go back to my kids. I’m sure an apt emo song is around to fill in all the other emotional gaps.

I can see Nick walking out on the street with a box of his things, gazing at his sneakers, kicking a pebble along the road, and with a large sigh he walks away from Sydney FC one last time; he takes one long look back and as he turns his head, he says: "I’ll miss Popovic’s groin the most."

How do you say show me the Roubles in Russian?
Russian businessman David Traktovenko is the Russian the papers have been talking about looking at buying Sydney FC from Frank Lowy. The St Petersburg Times says that: Along with David Traktovenko, Vladimir Kogan is the owner of Banking House St. Petersburg, a parent company of the city's biggest financial institution, PromStroiBank. David Traktovenko is also the ex-owner of Zenit St Petersburg.

If Frank Lowy does sell his controlling stake of Sydney FC then at least it will get rid of the perceived conflict of interest of being the head of the FFA and the owner of Sydney FC.

The away game
I love going to away games in Newcastle and the Central Coast. The away Cove seems more up for it sometimes, something about entering enemy territory; it creates the feeling of solidarity; it allows people who normally sit away from the Cove at home matches to have an opportunity to sing and cheer and stand for 90 minutes together.

The Jets fans group. the Squadron, gets a lot of shit from some supporter groups sometimes; mainly for their quiet times in matches, but I must admit when the Jets beat Sydney FC in a two leg semi-final in season 2, the cries of New-ca-stle New-ca-stle from the home fans were loud and intimidating.

I’m driving up to game with my brother on Sunday; hopefully the effort that the away Cove shows will be mirrored by the first team.

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