Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Does Sydney Rate?

THE A-League is on a break because the Socceroos are playing on Wednesday. So like a good life coach and Doctor Phil, I have prepared a list. I’d thought I’d rate the players and pass a mid-season judgement upon them.

Old School:

Clint Bolton 6/10
You know something is wrong when he grows a beard, a goatee, a Lucas Neil soul patch or Luke Perry sideburns. Very good when the ball is going straight towards him; however struggles when required to move left, right, forwards or upwards.

Ivan Necevksi 6/10
Crazy Ivan is looking good.

Iain Fyfe Fyfe Fyfe 6/10
Iain Fyfe made the Iain Fyfe t-shirt famous. Loved by many and sometimes frustrating to watch. Like most Sydney FC players able to move from the sublime to the ridiculous with ease.

Robbie Middleby 6/10
He runs around like a chook. That is all.

Jacob Timpano 7/10
Otherwise known as The Myth; was outstanding in his first season. Jacob vanished from view in season 2 and 3 with injury dilemmas. However he started on fire at the start of this season. If he gets to play a season without injuries people will be using big words to describe his performances.

Nikolas Tsattalios 5/10
Say it with me TSA –TTA- LIOS. Most Greek names have a beginning, middle and an end. I like him, but coaches don’t want to play him. Only 18, he has been playing with the young Socceroos.

Alex Brosque 7/10
Brosquino has got the skills to pay the bills. He looks the best on the end of through balls and running at defenders. Sometimes likes to fall over and I suspect he was born offside.

Adam Casey 7/10Fast winger who was starting to get his shit together then got injured.

Steve Corica 8/10
The only player that looks like he knows what he is doing, he is Sydney FC.

Terry McFlynn 8/10
Has been involved with Sydney from the beginning and has given the fans lots of joy with his determination and passion. Shooter is able to pull an amazing shot or sublime pass out of nowhere.

Brendan Santalab 7/10
He only scores crackers from outside the box and is the metrosexual of the team.


Simon Colisimo 5/10
Think groin injuries, broken leg and a boulevard of broken dreams.

Shannon Cole 6/10
He dribbles, plays with both feet; could be the best free kick taker and crosser in the game. Just needs to find consistency and Kossie to stop publicly criticising him.

Stuart Musialik 7/10
Disco Stu has great skill; every pundit’s favourite player, needs to have some blinders to live up to the reputation. Another one of those players that knows what he is doing.

Mitchell Prentice 6/10
He has some bad boy tendencies which can be harnessed for good rather than evil.

John Aloisi 5/10
Score some goals and everyone will shut up.

Mark Bridge 6/10
Starting to score, is a bit of an enigma but I’m not sure if it’s the good kind or the bad kind yet.

Beau Busch 6/10
Has the best name in the A-League and every time he gets the ball, Dave K and I love screaming Buuuuuuusch.
Anthony Golec 6/10
He is Tony Popovic’s successor and how.
Chris Payne 5/10
House of Payne needs more game time.

When will A-League coaches think of the kids?How would you rate them? Am I being kind or not harsh enough?

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