Saturday, August 8, 2009

NTH QLD FURY- Sydney FC: Matchday One Preview

Will Sydney FC submit to God’s Fury?
Sydney FC will not have an easy time up in Townsville on Saturday night. The opening A-league game against the North Queensland Fury is set up for a magnificent occasion.

First of all, as an expectant Sydney FC fan, I am gunning for a win and for Sydney FC to spoil the party, but really an away point would not be so bad.

The North Queensland Fury should have a huge crowd for the very first game of their A-League life. The F-Troop the name of the Fury supporters group will be in full voice and they even have a motto. It is Una Per Furor- Altogether with Fury.

The presence of Liverpool great Robbie Fowler will no-doubt have the ground buzzing and all football fans around the country will be eager to see if the divine one can produce a miracle.

The Fury has made some great signings late in the piece. David Williams who scored a Socceroo cap against China in 2008 will be great to watch and could make the plane to South Africa for the World Cup. Shane Steffanuto the Lyn Oslo and current Socceroo could be a late addition to the Fury roster. The signing of the 29 year old cairns junior now gives the Fury the making of a decent side, almost.

That is enough focus on the Fury, the exciting news for Sydney FC was the confirmation that former De Graafschap defender Stephen Keller had signed for the club on a one year deal.

De Graafschap was relegated from the Eredivisie last season so let’s hope it wasn’t all Stephen’s fault.

Vitezslav Lavicka the boss of Sydney FC along with fellow Czech assistant Michael Zach having been taking shit from no-one during the pre-season.

Sydney FC- Play like Renegades!

“Renegades are the people with their own philosophies; they change the course of history, everyday people like you and me!!!!”

So I stole that opening line from the old hip hop classic tune called Renegades of Funk it was done originally by the godfather of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force, and was released in 1983. It was also covered with immense power by Rage Against the Machine and that is my preferred version.

This season Sydney has to be the club they always wanted to be. The ingredients are certainly there. We have experienced international players that should blend in nicely with a group of young players eager and ready to show themselves, especially since this is a World Cup year and there are many stories that are waiting to be written.

In one single word for the Sky Blues, it’s all about equipoise. A state of being equally balanced: equilibrium; -- as of moral, political, or social interests or forces.

Morally: Sydney has a moral duty to the community, during the pre-season Sydney FC went north, south, east and west playing friendlies against cash strapped Premier League clubs to win the support of the community; has it worked? Only time will tell.

Political: Politics is about different ideas, and most of the time during the past few years some of those ideas have been ambiguous. Such as: hiring former England player Terry Butcher, sacking Grand Final winning coach Pierre Littbarski and letting David Carney and Mark Milligan go for peanuts.

Social Interests: Well it’s us the fans that are the social interest. We don’t want sexy football, we want inspirational football!

Forces: The football gods never reveal their secrets save for a few oracles scattered around the place and no-one pays attention to them anyway. For success Sydney FC will need luck on injuries, bad referee calls, loss of form, and dealing with the differing players existential dilemmas, the pressure baby the pressure!!

So simply let the games begin!

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