Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Curious Case Of The Watered Surface: Sydney FC/Cove Analysis

AFTER an absence of almost seven months, a Czech called Larry, a watered pitch and a Bridge that was late in arriving combined to send those red pissants home empty handed.

I thought Sydney FC played well for their 1-0 win against a quality Adelaide United side. But besides who took the throw-in and what time the goal was scored there was some interesting little changes at the Sydney Football Stadium that greeted Sydney FC fans. Before the game the club put on a free sausage sizzle for Cove members.

There was also some pre-game entertainment courtesy of a band called Beautiful Girls, although the Cove did drown out most of their lip synching; which for me wasn't such a bad thing. There were dancing girls bouncing away to Match DJ Pewee Ferris tunes, there were free gifts for the crowd and a cool vibe about the place.

Getting the crowd involved is something that has been missing at Sydney FC home game in recent seasons and it's the little things that count; one of them is making the crowd feel welcome.

The SCC what happened to you guys? Being a full time ultra must be hard work, I will not miss you. You made me use the words infernal racket and I was waiting till I was at least 50 before I used that phrase.

The unfurling of the biggest banner ever created by any club in the A League was revealed by the Cove as the players walked on the field again highlighting quality support over quantity is better every time, hey Melbourne?

Not a Bridge too far

I almost missed seeing Mark Bridge score the winning goal. An Adelaide fan was standing in front of me dressed in the Red's replica kit. I knew the longer the score stayed at 0-0 the more pissed off the Cove would be and they would start looking for a vent. Eventually they spotted the fan around 70 minutes into the game. The whole Cove started chanting words to the affect of "Dear Adelaide fan please, leave you are in the wrong section"

I'm sure you can figure out was really said. The funny thing was that his mates started chanting the same thing and eventually the police escorted the fan out of the Cove, not before a bunch of missiles were thrown his way hitting yours truly as I tried to escape the cross fire.

As our Adelaide friend was nearly departed, I looked up and Mark Bridge lined up his left foot shot to score. I hate it when I miss the build up it's not the first time or last time this will happen.

Enter Kofi Pun here
Kofi Danning was excellent and his battle with Adelaide left back Scott Jamieson was great to watch. The individual contest between players is one of my favourite things to watch on a football filed. Watching an attacking player fight all game to get the better of his defender is one of the beauties of the sport. I thought Jamieson held his own for a while but Danning won in the end. Kofi just had too many tricks and there is nothing much you can do about his acceleration.

The Curious Case of the Watered Surface
Before the gam,e the sprinklers went on and Michael Cockerill the Fox Sports commentator cried conspiracy. After the game I went home to watch the replay so I could see what really happened. The Cove and the special Cove sauce I was drinking restrict the view somewhat.

During the pre-game show and sections of the game and during the post game show Cockerill went all Zeitgeist and wanted to know why this dark and dangerous eastern European coach was doing by watering the pitch.

Was it the actions of a level nine Mason or just a tactic that is used by, I don't know, everyone?

Next Game
The next game against Central Coast in Gosford will be a cracker and I look forward to another away Cove sojourn. The Mariners are one of those teams that print negative stories that are written about them and stick them on the dressing room wall for the players to read and to get suitably inspired by. Perhaps hoofing it up the pitch and trying to stop other team playing becomes tiresome.

Here is one to stick on the wall. The Mariners will drive every team they play unwillingly down to their level. How the Fisherman are on four points I have no idea. The goals they have scored so far this season come under the heading of The Mariners shank collection. The three goals they have netted this year have been scored by shins, an opposing player's backside and a head and shoulder combination. I can't wait to beat these jammy bastards!

Footage of the Adelaide Fan being ejected here:


Also check out these quality photo's of last season featuring Sydney FC home and away from Paul Amestoy:


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