Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A-League Season 5: Less Crowd Talk More Action

After four seasons of wondering whether the novelty of the A-League would wear off, the time has come to rid us fans of the manic and depressive crowd count that follows every round of the A-League.

For so many column inches to be devoted to the subject, as a fan, it’s getting quite boring. I’m sure the FFA and the A-League clubs have someone that is paid to keep an eye on the crowds.

Why not interview players or fans and ask them what they thought of the first round A League action?

Here is a behind the scenes look at the crowd counting that occurred after the first round.

Dear Melbourne Victory, what did you think of the crowd figures? Where you disappointed?

Would you have liked more people to come?

Are you working hard to get a bigger crowd next home game?

Did having the opening game on a Thursday night affect the crowd?

Dear FFA, was moving the Brisbane Roar-Gold Coast United game a mistake considering the crowd was less than expected?

With the benefit of hindsight, perhaps having the fixture played at the Gold Coast would have been better?

Riveting stuff, isn’t it? I just can’t get enough of listening to club administrators.

The Russian Premier League (RPL) is ranked sixth in UEFA’s rankings, higher than the silky Dutch and pretty boy Portuguese leagues.

I covered Russian football for the first half of the 2009 season for and I noticed the A-League crowd numbers didn’t look so bad in comparison.

During Matchday Two of the RPL, Dynamo Moscow, the club Socceroo Luke Wilkshire plays for, got 10.523 against FC Khimki. Matchday three saw FC Khimki get as low as 3,000 for a home game.

Matchday Four saw the biggest derby in Russian football feature CSKA Moscow Vs Lokomotiv and the crowd was a disappointing 20,000.

Perhaps the crowd figures where affected by the cold weather and the ice hockey?

So I looked at the figures when the weather in Russia got warmer, and after the summer break on Matchday 12, Rubin Kazan, the current RPL leaders and champions, played FC Rostov. The crowd was a paltry 15,000.

Another Moscow derby was played during Match Day 12 and in that game FC Moscow and CSKA Moscow had only a paltry 12,000 people watch them.

Am I boring you yet? I know I’m boring myself.

Bring on round two of the A League for the real action, the stuff that happens on the park, and leave the bean counting for the others.


  1. Good point re the ridiculous amount of speculation about the crowds -the attendaces at Victory games would make them a well supported team in most European leagues. Brisbane and Sydney would also be considered large clubs in most parts of the world.

    Monaco have played in the Champion's Ligue final but play thie home games in a stadium that would not fit Melbourne Victory's average crowd.

    Anyways just to defeat my own point by making a comment about attendance in the comment section of a blog complaining about the focus on attendance... I dont think it can be said that it was a mistake to move the QLD Derby until we see what kind of crowds United can pull on the gold coast.

  2. Hey Ed,

    That point you make about crowds figures is funny. I think I read three stories today about how there were too many crowd stories.

    I hope the crowd at Gold Coast is not as low as Clive Palmer predicts it will be.

    There I go again, talking about crowds.........