Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sydney FC - North Queensland Fury Analysis: 442 Blog

Biblical Improvement Needed

IMPROVEMENT needed and of Biblical proportions.

What a fabulous sight it was to see all those Liverpool supporters at the Sydney Football Stadium cheering Robbie Fowler and the North Queensland Fury on Saturday night.

Ummm........ Let me re-phrase that. What a pathetic sight it was to see all those euro-snob Liverpool supporters get off their euro-snob stained football couches and grace us with their presence.

I hate euro-snobs as much as I hate waiting, music genre-snobs and Jamie Oliver. I'm sure there are things that I hate more but I'm too hateful to list them right now.

For me, anyone who attends an A- League game with a replica shirt besides the home team or away team colours should be banned.

It's matter of respect. When attending a football match appropriate dress standards must be observed.

It's like seeing a Wallabies jersey worn at Socceroos games. Remember John Howard in his Wallabies tracksuit pretending to watch the Socceroos play at the World Cup in 2006? Sure I like to present myself as an anarchy-loving Greek from time to time but as a football supporter there are unwritten rules that must be followed.

Anyway rant finished for now. I was so disappointed after leaving the SFS. Sydney FC showed no fight and had no solutions.

During the lead up, the game was promoted as Aloisi vs God. Cue the joke about Aloisi's mortal mistake in missing the first half penalty and Fowler's goal being a divine act. Those puns never get boring do they?
Eamonn Flanagan in the latest edition of my Half Time Hero* (out now) wants people to stop the 'God' nickname, claiming only a minority of Liverpool fans called Fowler such a title.

To try and dissect that game and to offer solutions would be harder than threading a camel through the eye of a needle. Maybe the midfield could do with some tinkering or perhaps Sydney just didn't want it. Who knows?
What I do know is the return of ex Sydney FC Coach Branko Culina to the SFS on Sunday with his hot and cold Newcastle Jets has me worried.

Last season it was exactly the same. Terry McFlynn got injured and the good start to the season saw Sydney eventually fall away. I just don't think we have any weapons in attack and in the last three games the defence has gone to sleep at critical moments.

The space that Robbie Fowler found himself in when he ran onto the Daniel McBreen flick on that led to the goal will be making Viteszlav Lavicka yelling "discipline" twice as hard at training this week.

* Half-Time Heroes is back for it's second edition. Nearpost blogger and radio host Eamonn Flanagan and 442 Sydney FC blogger Con Stamocostas have combined to bring over twenty football bloggers, writers and cartoonists together.

This edition is fifty seven pages in length and full of Australian football. ABC's Adam Spencer reveal his football passion, FourFourTwo's Fiona Crawford checks in from the Homeless World Cup in Milan, W-League, A-League, Socceroos, it's all covered.
Here is the link. http://issuu.com/nearpost/docs/halftimeheroessept09/6

Join the debate at 442: http://au.fourfourtwo.com/news/112532,blog-biblical-improvement-needed.aspx

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