Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Half Time Heroes Adam Spencer Interview

If you have ever listened to Triple J, ABC radio or watched ABC television in the last decade you would have heard and seen Adam Spencer. 
Adam is a mad football fan.
In fact after the Socceroos triumphant and dramatic penalty win over Uruguay in 2005, a moment that secured Australia’s qualification for the World Cup after a 32 year wait, Adam Spencer ran onto the pitch, and joined in the wild scenes of joy and jubilation. (see photo above.)

Half Time Heroes: How did you come to love the beautiful game?
Adam Spencer: I played football from under 5’s with the Gladesville Ravens, and then went off to Gladesville Uniting for six years, and then at High School I played for St Aloysius. I have never played a game of League in my life and maybe three games of Union. I love the poetry and individuality of Australian Rules, a truly beautiful game, but the world game has a natural beauty for mine.

HTH: Your A League team?
AS: S-Y-D-N-E-Y, I am Sydney till I die. (Except when I am at my mother in laws house on the Central Coast, in which case the Mariners go pretty well too.)

HTH:  Your Overseas Team
AS: The First game of English Football I ever saw was the 1927 FA Cup Final, which my beloved Manchester United won 2-1. Mum and Dad let me stay up past midnight as an eight year old to watch and I have repaid the Red Devils for that life changing experience with everlasting loyalty. As for Adults who say they say they support United and can’t name a player pre-Ronaldo I have as much respect for them as a Chelsea fan who doesn’t own a Jersey more than three years old!

HTH: Favourite overseas player?
AS: Andrei Kanchelskis went alright ……as did Peter Schmeichel …….There will never be another Ryan Giggs.

HTH: Favourite Australian Player?
AS: I was lucky enough to say on air about five years ago that “Tim Cahill could well end up the greatest player that this country has produced”……..I feel vindicated.

HTH: Tell us about the World Cup Qualification in 2005?
AS: I had done the pre-match on field entertainment….So as the shot(Aloisi’s penalty) went in I flashed my badge and hopped the fence……The fat guy in the background doing the victory lap that’s me……Don’t believe me……(photo attached)

HTH: How do you think the Socceroos will fare in South Africa Next year?
AS: We’ll give it a red hot crack – I can’t wait to see the draw we are given as the 14th team in the world-if we don’t jag a group of death we’ll go fine.

HTH: Have Socceroos been boring, does it matter how they play or is it just about winning?
AS: Huh…What’s that over there……The Score board!!!!.......Sorry –What was the Question?

HTH Can Australia can host the World Cup in 2018/22 and why?
AS: Yes…..Why not.

HTH: Most cherished moment in Football?
AS: The final whistle in the North Western Suburbs Womens’ football all age 3rd grade Grand Final 2006. As coach of the 3-0 victors I could have cried (Actually I did-don’t tell the girls)

HTH: Can you believe we are on our way to our second World Cup in a row?
AS: What amazed me was the muted reaction to qualifying….. As a nation we expected it……What a transition.

HTH: What does football need to do or change?
AS: Offside rule should give the benefit of the doubt to the attacking side-only if the assistant referee can see clear and unambiguous space behind the fullback should the attacking player be called offside

HTH: You are a pretty smart guy does the tactical side of the game interest you? Any ideas about formation and shape you have?
AS: In advance of my team “702 United” Stepping on the pitch for the master games 04/05 World Championships, I can’t comment on formations or Tactics……..suffice to say I’m very excited.

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  1. I really like Adam. He is genuine and not one of these celebrities who hops on the bandwagon.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Very nice guy and top bloke.