Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sydney Fc Blog: Highs And Lows

WITH the halfway mark of the season approaching, Con gives a mid-term report card on Sydney's spluttering squad.

Clint Bolton (GK) Rating: 7/10.
The High: Clint has had one of his best seasons in recent memory. As long as he remains clean shaven and does not to any more interviews with Anthony Lapaglia he will be fine. His injury time penalty save against the Central Coast Mariners in round three at Gosford is the high so far.
The Low: Against Adelaide United Bootsa dived to his right in that all too familiar slow motion action and saved the ball onto the post and into the net.

Shannon Cole (RB) Rating 6/10
The High: The game against Melbourne Victory in round 10 showed Shannon at his most fearless. A surge down the right resulted in the delivery of the most perfect text book cross.  The cross was so good that not even a pre-mediated air swing by Mark Bridge would have resulted in him not connecting with that ball.
The Low: Shannon has been guilty of giving away too much cheap possession, his crosses at times haven't been all that accurate and his free kicks have not been as dangerous. Let's not even mention the defending. If I was a commentator I would say Shannon is a confidence player.

Sung Hwan Byun (LB) Rating 6/10
Highs: Round Four against Wellington Phoenix when Sydney won 2-0 was the South Korean's best game. He made my A League team of the week.
Lows: I often hear groans and cursing akin to those of a sea hardened sailor every time Byun loses a ball or crosses poorlyIt's what you get when you are an import.

Simon Colosimo (CB) Rating 8/10
Highs: It's been a season of highs for Simon and being moved to defence was one of them. Playing consecutive games and being given an unofficial captain role has seen his Socceroos prospect lift. But unless he moves to a European or Asian side and stays on the bench he has no chance of making it to South Africa. (That Joke was brought to by all the benchwarmers overseas; represent!!!!)
Lows: God damn you nature with all your God damn rules about positive and negative and the balance of all things. Having a great season could be see Simon paid big dollars to move to the Melbourne Heart next year. nooooooooooooo

Stephan Keller CB Rating 6/10
Highs: That's the ball you see flying high above the midfield and into the keeper's arms or out of play for a goal kick. Decent defender all jokes aside.
Lows: No-one believes me when I say he looks like a young Homer Simpson and talks like a dodgy Swiss banker.

Sebastian Ryall (CB/RB) Rating 7/10
Highs: Has left his off-field controversy behind him and fitted in " just like a glove" (Jim Carey voice from  Ace Ventura Pet detective) into Sydney's defence.
Lows: Was not booed as much as I though upon his return to Melbourne when they played there in round 10.

Karol Kisel: (RM/CM.LM) Rating 6/10
Highs: Karol showed that his best position is right midfield. A great goal against Brisbane last week should see the mullet stay on the right.
Lows: All those missed and scuffed long rage shots was getting the natives restless. A goal makes all the bad stuff go away. The mullet brings some eastern European culture into the Sydney FC dressing home. Business at the front party at the back!!!

Terry McFlynn (CM) Rating 7/10
Highs: Terry's header against the Mariners in round nine for the 1-0 win was the high light so far and it was the first sign of the blossoming midfield partnership between himself and Disco Stu.
 Lows: I would like to see a bit more of that creativity unleashed. Tezza does posses an array of flicks, through balls, chip shots and long range bombs that he hides.

Stuart Musialik Rating 7/10
Highs: Disco Stu has been patient after being frozen out of the first team. His appearance against the Jets in round 7 were he set up his ex Jets team Mate Bridge showed why he needs to play every game.
Lows: Unfulfilled potential. Disco Stu has more skills than most. He will either stay where he is or go to the next step.

Kofi Danning (RW/LW) Rating 6/10
Highs: Kofi exploded during the first two games of the season.  His first round goal against the Fury was sublime.
Lows: However since then almost a pathological desire to build up every up and coming kid who scores a couple of goals perhaps has placed an awfully large amount of pressure on the kids shoulders

Steve Corica (CAM) Rating 6/10
Highs: Papou Corica still has it. Bimby is still classy and is the most creative player in the side. His absence from the team is felt the most.
Lows: Not as influential in terms of goals or assists.

Mark Bridge (CF) Rating 7/10
Highs: Is starting to step up and score some goals. The double against Melbourne in round 10 and the screamer against the Jets in round 7 have been his most memorable offerings so far.
Lows: Too many air swings and ineffective flicks and turns.

Alex Brosque (CF/LW) Rating 6/10
Highs: His work rate and willingness to work has improved. His partnership with Bridge is starting to blossom.
Lows: I think the confidence thing with Brosque is an issue. He needs to be more selfish and let out the crazy a bit more.  If he could funnel his crazy/ruthless side when he is in good shooting positions it might help.

John Aloisi (CF) Rating 6/10
Highs: Makes the hard goals look easy (First round against the Fury)
Lows: Makes the easy chances look hard (every other chance he misses)
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