Friday, October 2, 2009

Only Dwight had the Bling

There was some interesting rustling at Sydney FC training this week. 

First off there was the training ground spat between Clint Bolton and Terry McFlynn. The head line on 442 earlier this week read “Bootsa Blow –Up at Sydney training”

Clint Bolton is the one known as “Bootsa”. In the Greek language bootsa means penis. So reading that headline again with that in mind it takes a very different direction to what you initially thought it would be.

Anyway getting my mind out of the gutter for one moment the other interesting headline again involved Sydney FC keeper Clint Bolton.
The 442 headline shouted “Bolton: We’ve Never Been Bling”
Bootsa had a few words to say about the ‘Bling’ tag. Apparently the players felt uncomfortable wearing it.

"We've always been a hardworking side that spends a lot of hours out on the pitch," he said.  "That's always been our trademark really, despite the old tag 'Bling FC'”, Bootsa said.
To be truthful the ‘Bling FC’ moniker was only worn by ‘All night’ Dwight Yorke. He was the only one who could really afford any proper ‘Bling’. The rest of the team were dragging on Dwight’s ‘Bling’ encrusted coat tails.

So when Dwight left early in season two the ‘Bling’ left with it, replaced by a hard drinking instant coffee connoisseur called Terry Butcher. The ‘Bling’ did make a short lived come back later in the season when Benito Carbone had a guest stint, but that was until he pulled his hamstring.
I really liked the nickname it gave Sydney a term of reference that differentiated us from the other teams. All it takes is a new marquee who doesn’t have a dodgy knee (*cough* John Aloisi *cough*)
To the Mariners
Public Holiday Monday should see a pretty good crowd at the SFS particularly since it’s a double header involving the W League game with the Sydney ladies taking on the Central Coast ladies.

The A League ladder is as tight as a camels arse in a sand storm at the moment. If I was on radio or television I would sum up the season as a “tipsters nightmare”. People like to slag off the Mariners as long ball and boring. You can really say that about most A League teams most, English Premier League teams and most International Football teams.

I hope Larry keeps on picking Disco Stu. I also hope he drops the ineffective Kisel. It’s not that the ex Slovak international is playing that badly it’s just that he hasn’t done anything that well either.
I thought the performance by Sydney against Brisbane last week had its moments. Even though we lost, I though the movement and intensity was perhaps the best the team have shown so far this season. It must be said that the clear cut chances so far this season have been frustrating low. 

The Mariners will be hard to beat but so is Sydney and after the 0-0 bore draw at Gosford earlier in the season both teams have a duty to perform for the crowd.


  1. I agree I wish Sydney FC were bling... Actually never really minded the term bling, when Sydney played their first Season. There is nothing bling about their players, coaches or the way they play football since Yorke and Litti left. It's workman like but lacking the full commitment by the whole team.
    Bring the Bling back! Pronto!

  2. Clint Bolton must have got his nickname from his days at Olympic Sharks.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Alex: I agree Sydney people want more than workman like behavior.

    Anthony: As long as Bootsa doesn't grow any facial hair.....

  4. I've never wanted anything as much as I want them to hammer Melbourne this weekend. Down in Melbourne - what could be better?
    Please Sydney - make up for all the heartache you've given me with a win!

  5. Hey Tom,

    The win against the Mariners sets it up beautifully. Top of the table and all that!!!!!