Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Money is a Fake Muse

I don’t regularly agree with Melbourne Victory supporters but after reading Neil Zimmerman’s blog: Does Anyone Care about Success over Crisis? I found myself nodding in agreement.
Referring to the Gold Coast Circus Neil asked: “Is a club in crisis much more exciting to talk about?
Unfortunately the answer is yes. People prefer watching a house burn down rather than getting a hose and helping put it out. Look at all those flames so red and tall.
Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory are playing some of the most entertaining and exciting football seen in the A League for years.
Instead of getting excited about that, the main news of the moment is the Gold Coast debacle.
The FFA should get out of the Gold Coast. The lesson from all those failed Rugby League and AFL ventures has not been learnt.
It will take many years before any team on the gold Coast is accepted. It’s not because no-one likes football, it’s just that the market is saturated. Rugby League and AFL should be left to fight it out and Football should re-evaluate.Perhaps they should start in the B league and try and grow slowly from there.
The awful mixture of politics and sport is undoing all the good work that the football folks have put in. The subtext of this debacle is that most of the posturing from the professor is due to political grievances with the Queensland Labour Party and Premier Anna Bligh
The other aspect that could be putting prospective fans off is that Clive Palmer has made all his dollars from Mining.
He finds an area to exploit takes what he needs and then moves onto to the next hole. Taking out the earth’s finite natural resources is not going to endear you to one Australia biggest hippie population bases.
The fire twirling, white guy singing blues songs and bongo playing at every party demographic are not going to buy into your Football dream.
Money is a fake muse!!!
The rich billionaire owners now raiding Europe’s top clubs are business minded folks. They are hoping to buy and sell like 80’s movie characters. There are no messiah’s in football except for the true fan and the child that is practising keepy ups until the sun goes down, oblivious to his/her limitations that they will never reach ten.
Jason Culina should be on the phone to his agent asking for a January transfer. “Clive Palmer wrecked my World Cup Dream”. That is the headline Jason and his talent does not deserve.  The enjoyment Jason had in his face for the first month has gone. It has for almost every Gold Coast player except for Michael Thwaite who wears a permanent Andrew Gaze type smile on his face so I can’t tell with him.
Anyway Sydney FC amassed 26 points from 21 games last season. This season the Bling has 25 points from just 13 games. Mark Bridge is living up to his potential and a youngster like Mate Dugandzic is getting me off the coach every time he touches the ball.
But who wants to read those stories when a Billionaire’s house is burning.
Look at those flames so red.............


  1. I enjoyed this Con
    I agree there no point to the Gold Coast but the damage is done. They have sucked the life out of Brisbane Roar, whose shoe-string budget is looking very thin.

    However, the FFA is committed to Clive - he is funding both Gold Coast and a key backer of the Fury.

  2. lets see what happens.

    It's still kind of a joke that the FFA are now running the club's ticketing and stadium for them.

    Right now it's just embarrassing.

    Imagine if your were a GCU player? Having to fly commercial and all that.......