Friday, October 9, 2009

Sydney FC 442 Blog:Bring On The Culture Wars:

ROUND Ten of the A League has been set up beautifully for the culture wars between Sydney and Melbourne to resume.

Have you heard that Joke about the difference between Sydney people and Melbourne people?
"At least Sydney people know that they are pretentious wankers."

With the stink of the League and AFL season slowly wafting away, the end of those sports seasons feels like the loud, oversized, annoying bullies have left the school yard and finally we can all play football again.
Sydney FC were good value for the win 1-0 against the Fisherman last week. I was particularly impressed by Disco Stu and Terry McFlynn - they combined well for the only goal of the game.  The midfield is still a work in progress.

Karol Kisel and Steve Corica have not been as influential in terms of scoring goals and setting up teammates but they both have been working hard. Kisel has shown frustration at his missed chances and one of them is bound to go in. It has to right?

The bad news for the sky blues is that Carlos Hernandez is playing for Melbourne and not flying off to play for Costa Rica in World Cup qualification games in the Americas. This leaves both teams at virtually full strength and in some reasonable form.

Sydney FC's attacking triumvirate of Mark Bridge (2) Alex Brosque (0) and Steve Corica (2) have scored a total of 4 goals between them; in comparison the Melbourne trio of Archie Thomson (4), Carlos Hernandez (4) and Fabiano (1) have scored nine goals so far this season.

It's not hard to determine Sydney need to stop Archie and Carlos.

I think the work of Terry McFlynn and Dico Stu (pictured) will be important. The backline is solid if unspectacular.

The odd surge from Simon Colosimo who is in superb form and forays down the wings by the fullbacks will help generate momentum and power that has been missing for parts of the first nine rounds.
I must give a special mention to Simon Colosimo - he has been on fire this year. Colosimo for Australia Pim!
I also saw some excellent examples of fan culture in the Cove last week as well. Since the demise of the SCC, the Cove has been going off. A schoolboy who goes by the name of Rigga has started his own grass roots movement in trying to get more folks to the game.

"I'm pretty much trying to get the whole school involved with SFC by making facebook events at school, invites, and just word of mouth. It seems to be building up week in week out, and I'm trying to talk to my headmaster to make Shannon Cole in the school hall of fame!" said Rigga on the Sydney FC forum.
"As he was an old boy (St Patricks college Strathfield), and a coach to a few of us."
Nice work Rigga the Cove has been in fine voice and in synch with some new chants. The youth give energy and can teach a few old heads how it's done.

C'mon Sydney. lets show these Tards that we can play football just as well as being pretentious wankers!
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  1. Obviously I want Sydney to win but I'm looking forward to a big crowd and a good open game.

  2. 3-0.
    VERY VERY happy with that :)

  3. Great result! After we got to 3-0, I hope we sledged Kevin Muscat for the last 70 minutes.

  4. I know I was sledging him.

    He still managed a sly kick at Mark Bridge while he was on the floor.