Friday, June 27, 2014

Opa! Jumping on the Greece 2014 Brazil World Cup Band Wagon

Toot Farken Toot All Aboard the Greek Bandwagon Re Malaka!

Can you believe it? It's a term often used in football. Commentators use it for things that are utterly believable. Like a professional footballer who trains everyday whose job it is to score goals and make passes but the moment when Greece beat Ivory Coast in the last minute is unfarken believable!

Greece is in the Round Of 16 at the World Cup with a possible Quarter Final berth awaiting them after a very favourable draw in the next match were they face World Cup minnows Costa Rica.

How can Greece lose against a team with Costa in their opponents name? 

The Greek Gods are laughing their arses off!

Greece has surpassed previous World Cup winners England, Italy and Spain and much more fancied teams like Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Portugal by advancing to the round of 16 at the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Now that the Greeks are through to the next round it's time to get out the Greek flags, and replica strips. Time to dust off the Football Shirt with Charisteas on the back and update to a new one with Samaras and get on the Greek World Cup Bandwagon.

Having the Greekest name in all of Greekdom Constantine Stamocostas my Greek blood tinged with excitement when the Greeks were playing the Ivory Coast. It was one of the best games at the World Cup, full of drama, passion and skill shown by both teams.

The Greeks made their supporters work for it though. After being gifted the ball by the Ivory Coast midfielder Tiote, the Samaras(is) twins contrived to get the goal the Greeks needed, and it looked like the Greeks and their defensive tactics were heading to the round of 16. But the Ivory Coast came back; Greek celebrations were quelled and the plate smashing had to take a rest.

After hitting the woodwork a couple of times. the end of the game was fast approaching, it looked like the win was too much to ask. Dormant in the first two games my Greek spirit came alive when Samaras got clipped in the box and the referee awarded a penalty (and yes it was a penalty English commentator no controversy there!).

With Samaras about to take the spot kick Greeks around the world had a chance to stop cursing the team and the coach Fernando Santos for just one moment. Hacks around the world had to delete the obligatory Greek tragedy line and change their copy because "Can you believe it?" the Greeks are through to the next round!

The olive oil botherers have arguably the easiest round of 16 tie against of all farken teams Costa Rica! Who the Fuck are Costa Rica Re? "We can take them for sure Vre!" said Andonis to his mate Spiro in the stand.

Remembering EURO2004

Pulling out my Greek identification papers, I must say I haven't just joined the Greek football bandwagon. Like most Greeks I joined it when they reached the Quarter Finals during EURO2004 and have been keeping an eye on their progress ever since.

I will never ever forget the scenes at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney when they played the Czech Republic in the semi finals. Remember the short lived Silver goal role? Greece scored one of those to get them through to final of Euro 2004. A few Treli (crazies) fans lit flares in the Enmore Theatre just after the goal went in, causing panic among the owners. Lucky the Enmore  didn't catch fire as it's one of the oldest theaters in Australia.

I was at the Cypriot club eating Loukoumades when Greece beat Portugal in the final and later that night I was at Brighton Le Sands watching the Greeks go crazy as they celebrated their EURO2004 Final Victory.

They Weren't Given a Hope in Hellas

I must say I didn't think Greece had a hope in Hellas of getting out of their Group especially after they got spanked by Columbia 3-0 in their first game.

I watched the second game with my Brother and Father at a cafe down the road from me which is owned by Greeks called Giorgios, it's situated on the corner of Kingsgrove Road and William Street.

Watching Greece battle against Japan to get a point reminded of the halcyon days when I used to watch Sydney Olympic at Leichhardt Oval and Belmore Sports Ground. It all came back to me, the loud, vitriolic swearing,  the irrational yelling, the misunderstanding of the coaches tactics, tearing strips off the players one moment and praising them the next, not forgetting the national pastime of the hand being flung violently into the air with the accompanying "Nah Re Malaka!".

Sorry Giorgios Cafe customers but the coach isn't a clueless "Malaka", he knows what he is doing. He's sticking o the Otto Rehhagel blueprint. Strong In Defence and Trojan Horse in attack.

Knowing Greece they will take it easy against Costa Rica but at least they are still at the party unlike Messrs Rooney, Ronaldo, and Imbrahimovic who have had to go home early or didn't even make it. Where is Georgios Samaras World Cup advertisement farken? I love Samaras he fucks up all the time but at least he has a go.

Funny Observation

I must comment on the the large heavily built Greek supporter who jumps up and down with his shirt off. Not ashamed of his man boobs he has shaven his Greek hairy body just for this Brazil trip. He is always shown on the TV when the camera pans to the Greek supporter section. A fellow Greek at the cafe cracked me up when he saw him on the screen he looked over to me and my brother George and  made the comment " You can't go to Brazil without shaving  it would be an embarrassment taking your shirt off and going all hairy and Greek"

Go floppy man boobs jumping up and down and go Hellas. We can beat Costa! (Rica) Toot Farken Toot!

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