Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alessandro Del Piero (Sydney FC) - Perth Glory Preview

There is a world famous Mural in King Street Newtown Sydney which is adorned by a huge portrait of Civil Rights legend Martin Luther King featuring the infamous  “I Have A Dream” line  from one of his speeches. Recently a companion piece Mural was added with the words “we have the dreaming”. It’s two Murals having a conversation with each other. 

We have the dreaming pic found 
No disrespect to both Murals but I think another Mural should be added add to the conversation with the words and picture of a certain little Italian number 10 that says:

 .....and we have Del Piero

Some Points from the Sydney FC/ Western Sydney FC Derby
  • No more naming roads after Derbys! Where is your sense of Theatre?
  • Sarcasm Alert: Who would have thought a local derby based on geographical lines would ever work in Sydney? Everyone Farken!
  • Sarcasm Alert: Who would have thought a team based in Western Sydney would engender so much pride & passion for their team? Everyone Farken!
  • “One Team Per State” shouldn't be uttered within the realms of Australian Football again. Rugby Toffs and undercover AFL Agents shouldn't be allowed near our game again.
  • Sydney FC looked to have finally woken up from their opening season slumber and it was 1 million Western Sydney fans hate of them that did the trick.
  • For ADP’s first home game there was 35 thousand at the SFS and for the first Sydney Derby 22 thousand at Parramatta stadium with both sets of fans singing and dancing. Is this a dream? Don’t wake me up.
  • AFL would love such passion.
  • NRL would love such crowds

Western Sydney is the Socceroos Factory
  • Ignoring the West of Sydney for so long with its rich history of supporting teams and producing Socceroos is a Royal Fark Up. One which only Rugby Union and AFL administrators could have achieved. Frank Lowy must have been blinded drugged and kidnapped.
  • Rugby said one team per city. AFL said Townsville and Gold Coast. Yet Western Sydney was still ignored.
  • The same hacks who shit on the idea of WSW, who said "it was never going to work" They gushed over the AFL & GWS are now singing its praises!
  • Just consider what kind of players would be playing in the A-League if we had some of that AFL or NRL TV Money
  • More money should be invested in Marquees and Promotion of the A-League. What else you going to spend the money on? Invest it in education of coaches who play with no Strikers and try to teach un-coordinates kids how to play with both feet?

The Perth Preview

Alessandro Del Piero has slow feet but a fast mind. He has been carrying the Sky Blues so far this season and he will do the same for Sydney FC against Perth Glory for ADP’s 800th game.

Someone needs to warn Alessandro Del Piero about Jacob Burn and Steve Pantelidis both players have a tendency to dive in early and often.

I wonder like Wellington Phoenix if Perth Glory has a raffle going in who can butcher ADP and get away with it the most?  

Imagine a Billy Mehmet type player for Sydney FC? The Perth Glory Striker is dangerous in the box with his feet and head. It’s a novel experience watching an endangered species take the field and score goals like that.

Paul Reid has the midfield ticking for Sydney FC. Ali Abass is wasted in DM and the Striker issue seems to be the running gag at Sydney FC this season.

But all that is prelude to what Alessandro Del Piero will do next.

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