Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alessando Del Piereo (Sydney FC) vs Emile Heskey (Newcastle Jets) Preview

Normally these preview things take on a dour vibe. Some critique about last week’s performances, suggestions and ideas on what can be improved but I’d rather use this space as a bitch session about Sydney FC’s first game.

Sydney FC the so called biggest club in the country travelled to Wellington with the least match preparation in world football. Sydney FC’s cause wasn’t helped by not playing a competitive pre-season game for three weeks prior to the start of the season. It was all thanks to the one-upmanship of Brisbane Roar and Central Coast Mariners who cancelled friendlies for the most absurd reasons. If I was those clubs I’d be well pleased that their antics let to such a bad performance by the Sky Blues.

Let’s stick to the Sydney FC is the biggest club in the country theme.  If Sydney FC is the biggest club in the country shouldn't their roster reflect this?  Do they have the best local defender in the country, What about the best midfielder and the best attacker?

Oh Dear
“Oh Dearism” is a term coined by documentary film maker Adam Curtis. It refers to the shame we feel after watching all the terrible images the news shows on our TV screens. These images leave us feeling helpless and depressed and to which the only response is: “Oh Dear.” 

After watching Sydney FC against Wellington Oh dear is the only sane response.
NO pre-season games for three weeks Oh Dear!

The coaching staff decided not to pursue a late practice game, Oh dear!
Fabio:  Has a left back wanted to play number 10 as much as Fabio? Oh Dear!

Lovrek: Please change those colourful boots it makes your misdirected passes stand out more and talk about him being the new Krešimir  Marušić? Oh Dear!
Emerton doesn't know how to play RB? He only played there for a local Dutch side called Feyenoord and helped the team make a final of a small competition called the Uefa Cup. Oh Dear!

What makes this worse is that Sydney FC’s cross town rivals the West Sydney Wanderers had just a matter of days to form a team.  Compared to Lame FC the Westies looked organised and played with passion to get a respectable result against the Fisherman. It also helps if the other players know each other’s names. Oh Dear!

The Jets
What about the Jets? They didn’t do much better either losing 2-0 at home to the Pissants..  Emile Heskey was his usual self unfortunately. Both teams should  come out fighting as the saying goes. Let’s hope both teams have figured out that the start of the A League season is upon us.

“Right Here Right Now” by Fat Boy Slim should be ringing in the players ears before the game.  Phrases like “Work in Progress” and “It will take time to gel” should be cast aside and some of the players and coaches should act talk and play like they mean it!

It will be interesting to see what Alessandro Del Piero will do on the weekend now that he has some minutes under his belt. NO! It will not be interesting it will be AWESOME!

"There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn." Albert Camus 
Shoot Farken! The Terrace has spoken!

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