Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sydney FC where for art thy Striker?

According to a wise friend themes are up there in the Sky where the Gods live and issues are here on earth with us humans. And if you focus too much on the themes the Gods have a way of throwing you back to earth.

During the launch of Sydney FC’s 2011/12 season the club went all touchy feely by announcing that they had found five core values that would help unite Sydney FC and the football communityThey were: Courage, Inspire, Be Passionate, Excellence, and Family 
For the sake of this blog and the rather tenuous angle I am going for let us say that values are the same as themes. They live in the sky.

 Rather than seeking out values here are five core players that Sydney FC should have announced that would of and could have helped unite Sydney FC and the football community
A striker, a second striker, a fake number nine, a striker with goals in them, a striker who can pass into the net, and a left sided midfielder.

New Sydney FC CEO Dirk Melton should concentrate on getting a new striker and a left sided midfielder instead of trying getting his name in the media every second day. What is it with the cult of the CEO when it comes to A-League clubs anyway? Sometimes more focus is put on them rather than the players, coaches and fans. Seriously who gives a fuck about these people?  Most of them are Sociopaths that speak in a language only a robot can understand. They use corporate speak to hide a vicious compassion free personality. And I’m pretty sure some of them are also Lizard people from space who devour on the flesh of humans and rely on high quality zipper face mask to hide their true identity.

So back to Sydney FC.  What have they been doing for ten months, where for art thy Striker and left sided midfielder? The last time a left sided midfielder was at Sydney FC he has hanging at with Dwight Yorke. David Carney was his name. For those who like numbers since Carney left Sydney FC in 2007  he has played 52 club games in four years and for the Socceroos club he has played 39 times.

Remember the days when two strikers were on the pitch from the start of a game? They would pass to each other, flick on headers and ground passes, they would often cross for each other and give each other high fives even if they gave each other a bad pass.

This aversion to not wanting strikers is just not football, its anti football, its Mabo, it’s all about the vibe of not wanting to score goals.

Also all of a sudden Brett Emerton’s best position on the park is still unknown? Ten years in Europe playing as a right back, right midfielder or right winger and then he comes back to the A-League and all of a sudden no-one knows his best position?

But to put the gloss on Sydney FC issues is to take away from Brisbane Roar. I say Ange Postecoglou for the Socceroos!! He surely is the best coach in Australia by miles. He knows how to recruit has a great eye for talent and he is not scared of strikers.

Anyone know the core values of Brisbane Roar? Just look at the way they play, they value the ball, scoring goals and winning. They look to play on the earth while Sydney FC looks to the Sky. That is a theme for you right there.

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