Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sydney FC, Dreams and Rock n’ roll

My first ever Sydney FC game was on Sunday 28th of August 2005. It was Dwight Yorke’s and Sydney FC’s first ever match in the A-league, the gates had to be opened because of the rush of spectators, and after that day Football in Australia and my life was never the same again.

If you believe in omens and synchronicity then this first match had it all.

Mark Bosnich is the reason I became a football fan. During the 1991 Youth World Cup in Portugal I remember seeing the Aussie side reach the semi finals.

I distinctly remember Les Murray commentating and yelling “Malaoneeeeeeeey” as Brad Maloney scored from outside the box against Russia during one of the Aussies group games.

There are two images from that tournament that have left a permanent imprint on my brain. They are: Paul Okon’s 30-40 yard runs he would effortlessly make out of defence, distributing the ball with ease and class; the other was Mark Bosnich saving everything that came his way.

I recently saw footage from that tournament where Mark Bosnich saves from his future team mate Dwight Yorke.

So it came to be that when Mark Bosnich came to play club football I started supporting Aston Villa. I also made a mental note to follow any future Aussie that was to play in Europe.
You see I am the son of two immigrants. I loved Cricket and Rugby League, but seeing that team during the 1991 under 20’s youth World Cup, most of whom where first generation immigrant children, seeing these kids play so well and represent their country, gave me heroes who I could identify with.

So back to the first Sydney FC game; its halftime Sydney has scored first with an amazing header through Dwight Yorke (a hero of mine also until he moved to the red devils) and I go for a walk to get some air and soak in the atmosphere of a plus 30 thousand crowd around me.
I notice the drummer from the band You Am I from a short distance (probably my favourite Aussie band) and I walk up to Rusty and say:

It’s good to see the local Sydney rock community supporting Australian football”

His reply:

“Well Aston Villa is my favourite English team and Dwight Yorke was one of my favourite players, it’s amazing to be here and see him in the flesh”

I looked up star struck and tried not to get too excited, I have a tendency to punish well known people with my lingering and excitement.

We chatted for a few minutes and I went back to my seat for the second half.
Since that game I have given up my corporate job to pursue my dream of becoming a football writer and I also play drums in a band now.

Rock n’ roll and Football

I have played and watched a few gigs around Sydney recently and did you know there are lots of committed Football fans who play in bands?

I saw Mogwai at the Enmore theatre last week (Kevin missed them) and they had Celtic scarves and a screen that showed rolling images of Celtic players, and even our own Scott Mc Donald was featured.

I saw Danny the drummer from the band Youth Group (Forever Young fame) at the 2005 World Cup qualifying game against Uruguay and again at the Agin Court when Australia beat Japan at the world cup.

I also saw Bambino Koresh (Tom Morgan, formerly from the Lemonheads, plays bass) the other week the singer Leticia Nischang is Argentinean and went to school with Xavi the current Barcelona’s midfielder’s wife.

Rob Child, bass player from the epic Sydney band Magic Lunch box has been a member of the Cove from day one.

Robert F Cranny has written recorded and performed with Sarah Blasko and is a big Socceroos and Everton fan.

Not forgetting Leo (Dead Etiquette) who helps run Sonic Factory rehearsal and recording Studio in Belmore and bass player of Red Owl and guitarist of the Martymis. He is also a big Sydney FC and Socceroos fan.
lso it’s not uncommon to hear classic rock n’ roll song melodies sung as Football chants worldwide.

My favourite Sydney FC chant is:

“Brosque, Brosque will tear you apart again”, sung to the melody of Joy Division’s Love will tear you apart.

The White Stripes Seven Nation Army riff is sung everywhere around the world, you know how it goes: bo, bo ,bo bo, bo boo.

At Galatasaray games, “Harry, Harry Kewell” is sung to the Melody of Boney M’s Daddy Cool.

It’s not unusual for both Football and rock n’ roll to meet each other, as they are both the greatest from of ecstasy you can experience.

My band is:

Please tell me your stories of Football and Rock n’ Roll!

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