Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Story of Revenge and Redemption

Well everyone learnt what calling your home city and loyal hardworking fans a pissant does. It pisses them off stupid! That’s what it does. And so it should!

If Australians are anything they are isolated from the old world. This isolation has turned Australia’s into the world’s zoo. It’s not just our animals that the world finds cute and cuddly.

Look what the Americans did to Steve Irwin and Hugh Jackman. One died trying to entertain them the other got stung by a sting ray.

This isolation renders us a nation of insecure folk. And insecure folk have one thing going for them; and that is the desire to constantly prove people wrong.

The 8000 crowd was a sign to the Adelaide club and coach that it was the wrong thing to call us pissants. This gives the upcoming grand finale on Saturday night a weird taste.

A whole city abandoning their team during the most important game of the season.

I liked Damien Lovelock’s comment that TV is not made for Truth but to sell fridges.

Implying that the edited version of the pissant comment is what most folks saw on the news and in the paper.

So the Adelaide public got the “truth” about the clubs politics; so was it a case of the truth hurting that caused the punters to stay at home?

Was it some genius mind games from Aurelio used to fire his players up, and get the opposition thinking; or is it simply that the coach of Adelaide has a mentalist streak borne out from all the pressure.

So I ask the question:

Can you blame the fans from having a sook and staying home?
Is it really better to be thought a pissant, rather than to open your mouth and reveal all doubt?

As a Sydney FC fan I will be an interested neutral watching the grand final between Melbourne and Adelaide; hoping that Adelaide will be able to give Melbourne some sort of test.

Carlos Hernandez in any other league would have been made fun of for his wide girth. However this is the A-league and we are used to having rolly polly imports.

It will be a great day in the A-League where we have a well known imported player who is under 30 and doesn’t look like you or me.

Sydney FC, remember them?
It’s been so quiet on the Sydney FC front lately. The sitting duck CEO Stephan Kamazs was on the 2KY’s Football fever on Sunday (The best 2hour radio show on football, 9-11pm, Sundays) not really giving away much.

He expects 3 imports from Africa, South America or Asia, he suggests more community involvement. As the Buddhist Master says: let’s wait and see........

John Aloisi has blown off a Chinese loan deal and is staying so he can give his all for Sydney FC next season.

A word to the wise:
Don’t do any commercials, if you remember Aloisi got an injury while filming a commercial for the A-league last season. The ad shows Aloisi actually beating a player. And not forgetting the dandruff shampoo ads, both showed movement and desire. Something all Sydney fans want to see.

So next season John Aloisi is after redemption I expect the fans will support him. Adelaide United will also be after redemption this Saturday night and as a Sydney fan I hope they get some.

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