Friday, February 20, 2009

If you not living in Sydney, your camping out! 20/2/09

Thank you Aurelio Vidmar for doing the A-league a favour and showing your mentalist side! Calling your hometown a “pissant” after only receiving the keys to the city a week earlier showed what “balls” you had.

Aurelio out Kossied Kossie and brought the A-League, Adelaide United and the term pissant kicking and screaming into the consciousness of Australia’s mainstream society.

Paul Keating famously said that “If you not living in Sydney, your camping out!” sure the rest at the country took offense to that comment but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t funny.

Same for the “pissant” comment. The folks from Adelaide I’m sure would take offence at the comment, but the rest of the country were and still are pissing themselves.

Thanks also to Aurelio for adding pissant to the list of nicknames for Adelaide United, from the “barreler’s” to the “communist’s” pissant is in fine company.

The Daily Terror took aim at Football today with their customary faux outrage.

“FFA goes soft on Vidmar” was the headline.

Comparing this:
“FFA's decision comes a week after the AFL handed down a four-week suspension to Carlton star Setanta O'hAilpin after he punched then kicked his teammate (Cameron Cloke) while lying unconscious on the ground.

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou received widespread condemnation over the tribunal's soft penalty for one of the lowest acts in Australian sport”.

To this:
Vidmar insulted a whole city by referring to Adelaide as a "pissant town'' yet, while the FFA found him guilty of a breach of the code of conduct, he was given a $2000 suspended fine.
I love how the Terror’s moral compass can compare a kick in the face to a team mate while lying unconscious on the ground to insulting a whole city!!!

The Terror had claimed that the FFA had gone soft; perhaps people in the FFA have been to Adelaide before and felt sympathy for Vidmar.

Vidmar's sanction is that he must not have another rant before round 9 of next season's competition otherwise he will have to pay the fine.

No mentalist outburst from you anymore Aurelio you half to walk the line now. And what a shame I’m sure more people would love to hear Aurelio’s thoughts on a number of subjects, perhaps when his book comes out.

I can see the Title now:
Aurelio’s Football Story. My life growing up; playing and coaching football in a “pissant” town.

Now that the word pissant (8 references so far) is engrained in the hearts and minds of most Australians we can again thank Aurelio for his well timed rant; I’m with you Mr Vidmar; silence is the virtue of a fool!

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