Thursday, February 12, 2009

He’s just not that into you 12/2/09

Like those poor suffering powerful strong independent modern women who can’t seem to figure why they keep missing out on all those high powered corporate types Scott McDonald must be asking why Pim Verbeek is not that into him.

Perhaps I used too many describing words to paint a picture of modern women and sure my tenuous link to the worst phrase in the history of modern society is a bit annoying. More so I’m annoyed that Scarlett Johansson has only one move and that is her pouting face and she needs to put more effort in.

Scott McDonald must be dumb founded by the conservative tactics of Pim Verbeek. Sure the Aussies got a point that leaves us in a prime position to qualify for the world cup with 3 out of the last 4 games to be played at home. Most Australian journo’s are hesitant to say we have qualified just yet. He likes scoring against AC Milan and Manchester United but Bahrain, Qatar and Japan seem a bridge too far.

My concern is if we make the World Cup and the Socceroos play with 4 defenders and 6 midfielders it is a step back from Hiddink and also a charge against the current squad that Pim has to play like that because he doesn’t have the players.
Japan pressed the Aussies towards the end of the second half with chances in
56thminute: Craig Moore rescuing the Aussies with a deft turn and flick in the box to clear the danger like a Brazilian.

67thminute: Akubo turn, shot and save.

69thminute: A ferocious20 yard shot by Endo travelled like a bullet, the ball hitting Scwharzer rather than him saving it.

72ndminute: Uchida cross to near post Scwharzer saves from Tanaka

78th minute: Nakumura cross Tamada misses a header from edge of the 6 yard box perhaps the Japanese best chance to score.

86th Deflection from Japanese shot goes the post luckily for Aus

Australia’s only chances during the game where Cahill’s long range drive from close to 25 yards in the middle of the first half, and an 89th minute Kennedy header that almost was.

But get used to this kind of mentality away. A 4-6 formation conservative as a republican rave party and effective for results, boring but making the world cup is anything but.

Perhaps it’s a luxury to have the team play attacking with strikers away from home but the lack of attacking intent and the long ball is not pleasing to the eye.

For their entire constant endeavour in midfield and cute triangles, Japan strikers melt into water once they get into the box a lack of certainty and cutting edge is the bane of the Japanese game. With players everywhere Japan reminds me of that band Slipknot, too many notes.

So the build up and the coaches mind games before the game where more entertaining than the game but as the games get fewer the tension will rise and the excitement will build as Australia gets closer to South Africa 2010.

A-League Finals
The finals last week where played out in a gloomy atmosphere I thought. Not because Sydney FC was not playing, but because of the bush fires. The haze of smoke that surrounded blue tongue stadium and the news coming from Victoria overshadowed the Adelaide United Melbourne Victory game as well.

The football was not of the highest quality with both games you could tell that Melbourne and Queensland would always win.

Get off the Pitch!!!
The pitch at Gosford; I love talking about pitches, it’s more interesting than harping on about goals and two footed challenges. I love hearing the excuses, like Madonna and Andre Rieu concerts(usually Andre Rieu destroys great classical music rather than football pitches), New Years raves and returfing during the middle of the A-league season for the upcoming Rugby League season is one of my favourites. Last excuse I heard that it was a virus a battle between old grass and new grass.

Sydney Youth
Well done to the Youth League Sydney FC boys for making the grand final with a game to spare, and nice one FFA for making them play the grand final as a curtain raiser where the Preliminary final will be played. Most probably the game will be in Adelaide chances are good that Sydney FC's NYL Grand Final opponents will be Adelaide.
The Facebook generation are after you FFA join this group if you think it sux!


  1. Good post Con, you're right to get stuck into the state of the pitches that have been dished up (particularly re: Andre Rieu, the one saving grace of Adelaide having a small football stadium is that we avoided having the Andre circus ripping up the pitch).

    Football is played mostly on the deck, there's a greater need for pitches to be presented well for our game than for AFL/NRL.

  2. Hey Bill,
    Adelaide always dishes up good pitches, it's good to see.
    Before we get football only pitches I suspect the same issues will arise every season.
    I know there is technology available to returf whole piches at short notice. It gets done in europe all the time.
    Good luck for the Reds against Melbourne.

  3. Con, can't believe you just bagged out Scarlett - she's every geeky, male university student's dream (myself included).

    "Republican rave party" < Hehe.

    Wouldn't get too worried about Verbeek's tactics - understandable given the circumstances.

    Scotty just doesn't fit into them at the moment :) (And his lack of action might have had something to do with the fact that he chose to stay in Glasgow despite being given the green light to leave, unlike Nakamura)

  4. Scarlett is still in my bank it's just that she has been in some very bad movies lately.

    Scotty appears to be a bit of a trouble child sometimes

  5. I really liked her in the Prestige and Scoop...the Spirit doesn't look particularly promising though...she was also good in The Black Dhalia...

    Scotty does have that aura about him, doesn't he...looked worse in light of the Nakamura departure...