Thursday, May 22, 2014

To be Embarrassed or NOT to be Embarrassed THAT is the QUESTION

Leading up to the Socceroos friendly send off as they head of to the World Cup in Brazil I got some Questions that have been swirling in my head.

When Socceroos boss Ange Postecoglu announced his Socceroos squad I paid close attention to his accompanying comments at the press conference:

"We'll have the whole nation watching in the middle of the night. I'm not going to tell them to get up and not feel great about it”

"And then our responsibility as I said is to excite them when they watch. To give them maybe that glimpse of a future and who knows maybe take them on a little bit of a wild ride through here when the unexpected happens."

Reading between the lines the main objective for the World Cup in Brazil is for the Socceroos not to be embarrassing Australia.  Consecutive six nil thrashings against France and Brazil meant that things had to change.

As the team goes through the rigmarole of press conferences, media and sponsor appearances and even some training I asked myself:
 Is this the worst Socceroos squad on paper I’ve seen since I’ve been following the team since 1988? On paper probably yes. Experience wise probably yes.

Will the Socceroos get smashed? In the cold hard light of day probably yes. But in Australia we don’t get many cold hard days our days are warm easy and laidback. In Brazil against Chile, Netherlands and Spain it could be miserable embarrassing and frustrating.

While the messages coming out from the Socceroos PR machine are positive are fans, pundits. Players and coaches deluded into thinking the team have any chance of not being embarrassed? It’s not so bad to lie to yourself sometimes. Unfortunately the scoreboard doesn’t lie. So most fans are being realistic and lots of Joe and Jane Public are saying: “we’re gonna get thrashed!”

 “The Socceroos defence looks like a mad women’s breakfast”

Many questions surround the final 23 man squad and then even more questions abound in who will take the field against LA Roja nickname for Chile means “the Red One who will thrash the Socceroos”

For years the Socceroos had mainstays in defence Alex Tobin and Milan Ivanovic, Lucas Neill and Craig Moore, Now the question of who will be in this Socceroos defence is still a ponderous one. Even the Ubermunch Ange Postecoglu doesn’t know. Curtis Good’s hip flexor just doesn’t want to heal, Trent Sainsbury fell on a sprinkler and his knee refused to get better in time for the World Cup. Mathew Spiranivich knee’s and hamstrings are one awkward lunge away from a lay off and that leaves Alex Wilkinson who tried to dribble to himself against Ecuador and it cost the Socceroos a goal. That’s why AP gets paid the big bux. As my Maths teacher Mr Sayburn used to say “The Socceroos defense looks like a mad women’s breakfast.” (He actually would say your Maths homework looks like a mad women's breakfast"

The midfield isn’t looking so stable at the moment either. Can Mile Jedinak bring that EPL form to the Socceroos? Jedinak got himself injured in the last game of the EPL. His groin refused to dive into anymore tackles. The Jak won’t get the time and space that the EPL defenders afforded him during his first season in Europe and expect him to be well covered by opposition defences at the World Cup.

“At what point do we accept that Marc Bresciano Is a Vampire?”

Another Question is: Can Marc Bresciano still bring it? After missing all those months suspended after someone at his club filled out the wrong form. FIFA and Centrelink must have a similar bureaucracy fill in the the wrong form and they take away your payments and penalise you for months.

And another question? At what point do we accept that Marc Bresciano is a Vampire? Look at 2006, 2010 and 2014 Bresh. Someone’s cabinet or safe is missing quite a large batch of their Elixir of Youth, Perhaps he is an Alchemist or some Druid in disguise because Bresh hasn't aged since the 2006 World Cup. He looks the same as he did when he scored against Uruguay and did the statue pose. C’mon Bresh score @ the World Cup & do the Statue!   
Pic Above is Marc Bresciano a Vampire like Pharell appears to be?


Should I ask a question about the attack? Sure I will. By the time the defense and midfield are run ragged at some point the Socceroos will have to attack.
Such is the fashion these days of  world football that not playing with Strikers and flooding the team with midfielders is now the norm., The Shoot Farken school of thought is slowly been erased and just like universal health care and free education Strikers will be gazed upon in moments of nostalgia.

 Super Timmy Cahill another candidate for a Vampire as he too hasn’t aged and neither has his ability to leap higher than most tall defenders could be the Socceroos only Striker along with Josh Kennedy. Adam Taggart won’t probably make it in this World Cup squad (I’d like to see him go though I’m in the SHOOT FARKEN minority) Set pieces and Tommy Oar crossing for his life could be the Socceroos best chances.

Any more Questions? NO? Good. Let’s play!

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