Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm Back Baby! Half Glass Fempty

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since i posted a blog post that I have written personally. I recently had a medical scare and with new perception in life I thought I would come back to my passion. Writing about football. I won't go into the details because I'm a private person and some mystery in life is good but i implore all of you not to do what  I didn't do and that is fail to get a proper check up from your doctor in 10 years. Got my dunce cap screwed on tight at the moment. Anyway this blog is not called "My Story" it's called  A Football Story (crap name for a blog but I'm Australian and the when it comes to naming things we go for the obvious (with thanks to comedian Steve Hughes for that insight)

Goodnight and Good Luck Luca$ Neill inc and Brett LoLman    

So to ease myself into things i want talk about the Socceroos and the excitement of the World Cup. World Cup squads will be announced next month and so far we know that Ange "It's all cool Bro" Postecogluhas been on the blower to both Brett Holman and Lucas Neill. And it wasn't the good type of phone cal it was the one where he probably used the positive negative positive sandwich technique where sandwiched in the middle was the message sorry boys you have been great servants for the Socceroos in the past but there is no room for you at Brazil World Cup in the present goodnight and good luck n the future. I almost feel sorry for Lucash. He tried his hardest to make it but age caught up with him .Doncaster Rovers is not going to prepare you for the attacking blitz of The Spanish, Chilean and Dutch menace. It would have been a horrific end to Lucas's career and at least he has gone out a winner against Costa Rica rather than being used  as an escapegoat ( with thanks to Tony Tannous) for the Socceroos poor defense yet again

In Ange We Must Trust 

Ange Postecoglu has to hope and pray that no other key players get injured. The Socceroos have already lost a triumvirate( love that word)  Ryhs Williams, Robbie Kruse, and Mark Schwarzer  Schwarzer showed recently that he still has the skills to pay the bills when Chelsea played Liverpool in the EPL recently. He could have advised in Ange we must trust about the benefits of parking two buses. The way Schwarzer led the team from the back in slowing the play down when Chelsea frustrated Liverpool while not a tactic I agree with and one that doesn't always works as Chelsea found out I think if used at certain times (not from the firts minute like Chelsea)  it could help the Socceroos slow the game down and give players time to rest and hold their positions. Australian football is famous for a Gunge-ho mentality ( remember the final five minutes against Italy in 2006 when Marc Bresciano ended up at right back defending Grosso?  and the first game the Socceroos played against Germany in 2010 where the team attacked and played with a high a line in defense. Running around like a headless chock is not the answer lets slow it down.

Half Glass Fempty

That is how I'm viewing the Socceroos chances of progressing out of the Group of Death and into the next round.. Half Glass Fempty meaning I'm not that optimistic but the way that Postecoglu prepares his teams and scouts the opposition makes me think that the Socceroos at the least will be competitive and not be the whipping boys that everyone in the real football world expects.  I really have great optimism that the Socceroos will may indeed shock some teams, pundits and fans with how the team approaches each challenge they are faced with. 

Cliches Time

Football isn't played on paper. If it was the Socceroos are screwed. What Australia has in their favour is that most of the make up of the Socceroos squad will be unknowns. I can only think of Marc Bresciano Mile Jedinak and Tim Cahil as the Socceroos biggest names.  If you think about the make up of what  the squad could be names like Curtis Good, Jason Davidson,   Tommy Oar, Tom Rogic  and Mathew Leckie  aren't  really well known outside of Socceroos fans.

Miracles do Happen,

So considering these points well only one point really and that is most of the Socceroos will be unknown to their Group B opponents.  This could cause the opposition to not take them as seriously. I think if the football gods are smiling on Australia and ball bounces and the wind blows favourably towards the Socceroos anything can happen. The ball is round lets play!

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