Friday, May 29, 2009

Déjàvu All Over Again For Sydney FC

SYDNEY FC winning their third friendly in a row against the Sydney Tigers this week has given me a sense of dejavu.

It harps back to Sydney FC's first ever pre-season in 2005, the club formerly known as Bling FC, started life by playing a series of friendlies against local Sydney club sides; eventually winning nine competitive games in a row, 15 including friendlies, part of that run included winning the Oceania Championships that got them to the Club World Cup in Japan.

During that first year Sydney FC also had a European coach, the German Pierre Littbaski. And like his new counter-part Vatezslav Lavicka, the word discipline gets bandied about a lot.

Some smart Covite came up with the term Living Lavicka Loca in reference to the Czech coach; will the Ricky Martin classic be sung in the Cove this season as homage to our new trainer?

The scrapping of the pre-season cup by the FFA has given A-League teams the chance to organise friendlies against local and international teams. So far Sydney FC have played games against, and beat, Macarthur Rams (1-0), Bankstown City (2-0), and Sydney Tigers (3-0).

Playing games against local Sydney teams is one way to connect with the local football community so Sydney must be applauded for that.

Sydney have a full programme of friendly games against Sydney teams but what happened to playing Barcelona? At least the Middlesbrough game did not eventuate - maybe Gareth Southgate has an appointment to fix his teeth over the summer's break?

The game against North Queensland Fury at Shark Park Cronulla on June 27 and hopefully featuring Robbie Fowler should be a great occasion. Considering that football will help the embattled Cronulla Sharks club make some 50k cash on that game it is even a bit weird.

Football helping Rugby League out - who would have thought...?

And by the way am I allowed to point out the irony that Matthew Johns co-hosted a show called the Sunday Roast?

Sydney FC will play the fourth match of their packed pre season program next week against Northern Tigers on Wednesday night at Mills Park in Asquith.

Good to see the four Sydney FC boys chosen in the under 20 Australian side that came third in an international comp featuring the youth sides of Liverpool and Ajax, well done Koffi Danning, Sam Munro, Mathew Jurman and Ryan Grant; just come back that's all.

I will leave you with this question: If a spray tanned bogan from the north shore of Sydney does not see a fight between a fat wog and a smaller wog; does she and the 'chk chk boom' she has became famous for really exist?

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