Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A-League Snobcast Episode Four

 New A-League Snobcast with Rob Toddler and me! 

If you haven't got iTunes click here:

 It's Summer Football Madness and halfway through the season- Are Western Sydney Wanderers really in 'crisis'?

 The NSW teams are struggling, Wellington fantastic but still not as good as Auckland City, 

Sydney FC consider re-signing Del Piero,  Snobcast Media Watch: Home teams must come first! 

The shortest ever Asian Cup preview!

Featuring a brand new Segment: Which famous TV theme songs did we steal for our hilarious segments that we hope we (un)knowingly didn't breach international copyright laws? 

Plus Aussies Abroad: Are they going overseas Osasuna or Later? 

The only football podcast that features an impersonation of the Western Australian rare Black Cockatoo and a joke at China and North Korea's expense. (Please don't hack us) 

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