Monday, September 9, 2013

WANTED: New Socceroos Coach and Players

Can we all feel the flood that is going hit the Socceroos and their fans aspirations at the World Cup in Brazil next year?  Like we didn't already know from the Socceroos laborious World Cup qualifying that we are going to get our collective arses kicked for the entire world to see.

But did we have to see it in the flesh and so soon in full view of the football world?

Which FFA Muppet decided to play Brazil in Brazil in their capital Brasilia   (I thought the capital was Rio didn't you) on Brazil's national day? Like with the Anzac's landing on the wrong beach Gallipoli the logistics of this campaign was a complete fuck up. 

Some of the pre-game talk was centred around the Socceroos perfect opportunity to get some experience of what the World Cup will be like in Brazil.

I don't understand the thinking or the logic behind the idea of putting the Socceroos in a position where they would get an absolute hammering.

It was a defeat we should have avoided not the one we needed to have. What a bunch of football sadists we are sometimes.

WTF are you going to do about it Frank Lowy and Co?
The time is NOT now for analysing and assessing and breaking down of what went wrong. Now is the time for change. No NOT Barack Obama aspirational change but real change. Like a coaching change and a whole bunch of new players change. 

The Socceroos Opus  "shit on a stick"
We have heard all the excuses by the Socceroos boss and players many times and the same ones are repeated by Journalists and Bloggers alike to the point of ad nauseum, everyone on the same stage singing  in unison like an Ancient Greek chorus.  
The Golden Generation
We haven't been able to replace the Golden Generation. Jebus I’m so sick of hearing this. We have no faith in our younger players and are focusing too much on our older players.

The Lost Generation.
This is another excuse that gets trotted out. No football for a year between the old NSL and A-League and a whole generation of footballers got lost. Bullshit think again.

Aspiration vs Reality
We must rid ourselves of this aspirational thinking and dreaming with regards to the way we want our Socceroos to play. If you want to play beautiful football, with attacking intent and to win go and buy the latest FIFA game on Play station or XBOX. Or watch re-runs of Dutch Total football from the 70’s.

Development vs. Results.
At the moment it feels our whole coaching structure from the bottom to the top is based on excuses and fairy tale nostalgia.

On the weekend Craig Foster the false prophet of Australian football quacked that “Brazil 2014 should not be about results but approach and development”

By my count that makes the under 17 and the under 20 national teams, the Olyroos and now the Socceroos all “sacrificing results” so they can "focus on development". How noble our coaches are?  I didn't know the FFA curriculum called for a Quixotic approach to coaching.  Quixotic comes from the book Don Quixote and means “Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical:”

Miss Danielle and Miss Sarah
Does anyone play to win anymore? I know when kids play the focus is on fun and no-one keeps count of the goals, perhaps the Socceroos would feel more comfortable in this environment. 

Why even go for development? Let’s focus on having fun and achieving aspirational goals.  My three year old nephew Kristian who goes to pre-school is taught this way by Miss Danielle and Miss Sarah.

The Scapegoat
Of course each disaster needs the finger of blame and I’m pointing four fingers and a thumb at you Matt Mckay. Mat McKay at Left back is now becoming a regular dependable liability.

The overused magic trick of converting left wingers into left backs is getting old and tired. How about we stop that and do something novel and use a specialist left back. Shane Lowry and Jason Davidson been in Europe long enough now.

Vote for Change?
Frank Lowy went from Gus Hiddink to Pim Verbeek to Holger Osieck talk about diminishing returns! Lots of talk about Ange Postegoglu and even Graham "we have short memories" Arnold as possible replacements for #Holgerout! but the ideal scenario would be for Australia to get a coach with World Cup experience one that will invigorate the team, there are too many passengers who are on free rides in the squad. 

The Socceroos need a coach that will scare the players into thinking no position is safe. A new coach would surely try new players bring new ideas but most importantly the coaches name would not be Holger Osieck

C'mon Mr Lowy I know you have one more inspirational decision in you, A Nation of Soceroos replica wearing peoples is counting on you!

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