Friday, December 3, 2010

World Cup 2022 Sour Grapes Edition

Ahhh shit!!!

What can you say about Fifa's decision to award the World Cup hosting rights to Russia and Qatar in 2018 and 2022 respectively.

Russia is a country renowned for being cold,  godless, corrupt, and full of alcoholics with a dodgy history of human rights; while Qatar is known as being hot, damn hot, full of god botherers, alcoholic dodgers and also with a dubious history of human rights.

Taking a critical look at Australia's bid the first finger point and fuck you goes to the Cypriot Andrew Demetriou for making the legacy for the World Cup about AFL. Stadiums in Perth, West of Sydney, Geelong, Gold Coast,  and the MCG all would helped the AFL. Well done to Andrew Demetriou and his cronies for wedging themselves into the bid. And for getting footage of AFL in the bid video, I would assume that he'd be pissed off that GWS and Gold Coast side were not incuded in the video.

The second fuck you finger goes to the Australian Mainstream media's fixation on the 45 million bucks Australia was spending on the bid. "It's a waste of tax payers money," they cried.

My initial response to the final World Cup bid presentation was one of indifference, we have always sold ourselves to the world as an irreverent bunch with a laid back attitude and a kooky sense of humor but the message of the video should have been how much we love football, how much we love our football people, not how much we love ourselves, sure we are great at saying we are the greatest country in the world but we are more than thieves and cartoon kangaroo's.

Frank Lowy has a great story but I thought including it in the  bid video was a waste. What about Johhny Warren's story or Tim Cahill's story or Harry Kewell or Mark Viduka experience? Instead Elle and Frank were getting down with some rather public displays of foreplay, and where the bloody hell was Julia Gillard for the final presentation?

So as they say in the journo game "it will be interesting to see what will happen now". It could be blessing in disguise that we didn't get the World Cup. We can prove that we can sell Australia to the world but perhaps we should concentrate on selling Australian football to the world next time.

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