Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kofi Danning to face the Roar: Feels Good, Strong, Confident

Yesterday I was at Sydney FC training were I spoke to cult hero Kofi Danning. It was after they finished training and lunch and before the interview started and he seemed upset that his team had lost twice in the four on four games they played. You can tell from the way he plays he has a strong competitive streak but meeting him up close it's even stronger.

I was there so I could interview him for the One Year Anniversary Edition of  Half Time Heroes it's out next week.

So after finding out that Alex Brosque is injured today  it was interesting to read that Sydney FC boss Lavicka says that Danning will start: the match against Brisbane Roar this weekend. Sydney FC only have a point to show after a draw and a loss in their first two games of the season.

Reading from the World Game website Lavicka says:

"Kofi Danning is ready to start and help the team with success. He had a long term injury but he's back and he's trained well. He played some games during the pre-season and has picked up confidence ... he will be okay."

Yesterday when I asked Danning how he was feeling he said:

"I would say I’m back to full fitness, I feel good, I feel strong, I feel confident"

When I asked Danning if the reason he had started on the on bench the first two games was because the coach wanted to ease him into the team after such a long layoff he had this to say (This was before the Brosque injury had ruled the Sydney striker out of the Brisbane game):

"Yes of course, it’s been a long preparation just to get back playing. I think coming off the bench is good for me at the moment, getting used to everything again, once I’m really confident, once there are opportunities to play a full game the coach will put me on."

With Brosque and Bridge out it's a great opportunity for the young Ghanaian born Aussie. All of the Sydney FC fans hope Kofi comes through his first full game without a hitch and a winning goal would be a great bonus. 

For the full Kofi Danning interview go to  Half Time Heroes  on Friday for the One Year Anniversary Edition.

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