Friday, July 17, 2009

Will Sydney FC Be Championes This Season?

AFTER more than three years without singing the Championes song in a bad Spanish accent, I feel season five of the A-League could be the one for the Sky blues.

If it does happen, I hope I don't get confused and start singing "Champiñónes, Champiñónes" instead as the Spanish word for mushroom would make my ultra persona seem kind of lame.

After four dry seasons the buzz around this fair city is that Sydney FC could be good things this year. There are people I know who where fans and members during season one and two who are planning to join the football bandwagon again.

I have heard whispers that even some of those old disgruntled NSL supporters are planning to make moves off the couch and into the stands to watch the A-League live this season.

Oracle Predictions for S5

Can the right Aloisi score more that two goals?

Every player in the A-League is potentially playing for the one or two spots Pim will leave for A-League players in his World Cup squad. Because of this the Oracle predicts John Aloisi to score a bundle. Hopefully that is, the Oracle isn't so sure rather optimistic.

The footage of John Aloisi scoring two goals against Newcastle Jets last week was very encouraging. The first goal he scored was taken with a purpose and confidence that was missing all last season.

During last season's campion a chorus of boos was the soundtrack that accompanied John Aloisi at home games, as the crowds frustration and anger took their tole during a lean season for the Socceroos hero, who air swung his way to only two goals from 16 games.

Can Shannon escape the Curse?

Shannon Cole was one of the few positive stories that came out of last year campaign. Can he escape season two syndrome? Will he be able to avoid the horrible curse that is placed on footballers who perform well during their debut season? Only for the following year to be paralysed by fear, injury or opposition players working out their one move, kind of like what happened to David Carney in season two.

Can the kids become men and all that?

Sydney has seen the future and they are the children. While I skip over the obvious Michael Jackson segue I wonder if the youth team converts of Kofi Danning, Brendan Gan, Ryhan Grant, Mathew Jurman and Anthony Golec can step up and make that potential into a finished product.

The Oracle likes the look of Danning, Grant and Gan and expects them to do well.

An exciting youth signing by Steve O'Conner Sydney Fc's youth coach is Dimitrios Petratos. He is only 16 years old and was plucked from the Johnny Warren Academy and is one of those technical players that coaches in Australia seem to think are invisible. Read this nice profile by Tonny Tanous about him here.

Oracle predicts top four finish

The Oracle predicts a top for finish for Sydney FC this year. Rather than burden sin city with the favourites tag, I thought I would place that on Melbourne's shoulders to carry. Gold Coast and Perth Glory should raise the bar this season and Adelaide still look strong. Brisbane Roar should be in the mix while the rest, Central Coast, Wellington, Newcastle Jets and new boys North Queensland should be swapping places in the bottom four all year.

This long off season has me shivering and my withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of football in the last month, has almost led me to watch Major League Soccer. I did say almost, lucky for me one cold vibe won't stop this here boogie as I count down the days til the season starts. 20 days and counting.


  1. Hey John,

    Lets hope so.

    So much hype. I wonder if they can live up to it.